The sound of things to come...

Meet the Motoczysz E1 TTXGP electric superbike:

Surprisingly, it’s far from quiet… It sounds… menacing! :w00t::w00t:

Who said electric bikes had to be boring… :cool:

What’s max speed of this bike?

I believe at the moment it goes about 120 mph, which isn’t too shabby for an electric bike. :wink:

I always look at this sort of thing the same as radio controlled cars,

Electric ones are much better than petrol cars (quicker & Cleaner!)

So maybe there is a future for it and cut to the chase and give us the best resourses they have to offer!!!



Just watched them around the TT circuit - YAWN! :wink:

Wow - I like the styling - not sure about the sound - know someone supposed to be racing one but he crashed out in Wednesday night’s practice and breaking a couple of bones. Will see if he will give me any idea of what it’s like to handle.

Excellent - it sounds like a TIE fighter!

Dyno run:

Action Video:

I must agree with Debz…

the idea is good, but it just didnt float my boat. The TTX bikes were quiet, so much so, that marshalls had to whistle when tehy were coming to let people know! There was only really one competitive bike and I think he lapped at about 88mph average which is good, but for me, part of loving bikes is the noise they make and the smell of the engines…

It’s a fanastic time right now, we’re seeing the start of a real change. Everything for the last 40 years or so has been about incremental change, but this stuff is truely revolutionary. What we know as current high performance bikes didn’t come about over-night, and neither will these.

Electric drive is the future, but the power source and drive-chain will need development. These bikes use batteries which have a poor performance/weight and endurance stats, but stuff like fuel-cells will change this, and these bikes (most at least, some might not?) aren’t using gearboxes, they’re direct-drive from motor to wheel, which of course limits their top speed.

The torque curve of an electric motor is pretty bloody good. Think about things like traction control, a petrol engine has had all sorts of tricks and designs employed to get the power down better and give the tyre an easier time, but with an electric motor, it’s totally linear power delivery, and there’s a ton of scope for changing the power delivery on the move, every rotation - because it’s electric! Mental from an engineering POV.

Petrol engines won’t be viable forever (though probably through our lives?), so stuff like this is essential.

I love the concept of the TTXGP!

electric bikes…sod off please…

why why why…

and it sounds like…ermm i dunno…but its horrid!!:w00t:

i agree with jay totally im afraid. although they sound like air raid sirens, they will eventualy make racing even more exciting.

i was reading an article in Bike magazine about the potential future of racing and they put it into hyperthetical pospective brilliantly:

“Its lap 18 of the Estoril MotoGP, 2016 and the Norton Rotary, bankrolled by the Malaysian renewable hydrogen fuel giant Petronas, is doing its usual trick of streaking ahead for 6 laps, before cutting power to ensure it lasts the race.
Luca Rossi is power sliding round in second on his two-stroke 900cc V4, built by the newly merged Kawasaki-Suzuki corporation. There’s not a blue haze in sight and no expansion chambers either. Behind him Taylor MacKenzie, son of Naill, could equal his dad’s best GP placing - on a supercharged Zongshen bioethanol triple.
Or could he? Thriple world champ Maco Simoncelli is closing fast on his 2WD methanol-powered Yamaha M2. And wildcard Tom Sykes is with him, on the Queens’s University Belfast twin-crank, compound pressure-charged LPG-burning single.
But in the end Ayoama wins. Its a blistering day and his solar panel-faired, regenerative-breaking Honda has been quietly stockpiling energy throughout the race. On the last two laps the low revving two litre V5 sprouts another 50bhp, demolishing the competition in imperious style.
This is what raceing could be like - a feast of competing technologies not seen since the 1920s. All it would take is one rule: to limit every machine to a fixed amount of startline energy.”

Food for thought :wink:

Yep agreed - they might be the future but not the thing to be running at this years IOM TT IMO. :smiley:

i think we will have petrol motors for as long as i’m on this planet:D

cant imagine the TT beign that exciting with electric bikes!

thing is its electric, it dont sound the same, i bet it dont smell the same…it just doesnt have much character i think, even the styling is ermm…odd

i seriously do not like

I don’t understand how people can’t see that the sooner this sort of thing is given some attention the better!

The Luddites rejected the Industrial Revolution not seeing the amazing wealth and progress it would eventually bring to the world.
Let’s not follow Ned! :wink:

Oh I do understand Garrett but not at my expense & to the detriment of the IOM TT - just my humble opinion & that of several thousand others on the island :stuck_out_tongue:

because its crap! 33bhp will get you to 100mph but it aint much fun is it…

electric bikes are just rubbish i think, they been talking about them for years, never seen one thats any good, watch the track video…i nearly fell asleep…

TT purely electric bikes? lol dream on…be very very boring i think.

I’m sure that in a few years time this kind of thing will take off but i do think its a bit premature to have them raced on the island.

Sounds like they dont have a gearbox or is it me?:cool:

Surely your thousands of colleagues will have spent more time shaking their fists at the weather than some ‘new fangled’ bikes! :slight_smile:

Besides, I’m sure the powers that be in the IOM TT found it ’ to island’s benefit ’ to run the event - but we shall find out more in due time no doubt.