The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Had to fit a new throttle cable on Sunday. It’s a major job on the R1100GS 'cos you have to take the tank off, loosen the injector bodies and disconnect all the cables before you can get to the little box under the battery where the junction box lives.

Anyway, I finally get everything back together and have to warm the engine up before I do a throttle sync. That’s funny, tickover’s really lumpy and the engine dies whenever I let go of the throttle. Must be badly out of balance. Ride up and down the alley by my garage a few times until the temp gauge shows a couple of bars and God, it’s still rough as hell. Stop the bike, get off and scratch head for a few minutes until I realise that I haven’t reconnected the right hand injector lead.

Whoops! 230kg 542cc single anyone? At least I know that it’ll get me home on one cylinder if I take a spark plug out.

Spider Monkey’s Tip of the Day: Never rush a service.

I hate it when that happens.

What, rushing a service?

No, not connecting something to a widget that makes something else happen.

I’ve lost my aura of technical know how now.

Yeah, well, normally I forget to run the VCR through the digibox and end up recording 45 minutes of terrifying darkness instead of “Torchwood”. Actually that’s probably a good thing.

Forgetting to connect 1 injector on a 2-cylinder bike is a bad thing. I did a bad thing.

Anyway Oli, I’ve personally checked over your bike and it’s ready to go…

Roll on Saturday!

I like the title of this thread!