the sound of electric vehicles

are people going to be able to download how their car will sound, like downloading a ringtone? :w00t:

It’s a good idea I think. I walk about a lot in soho day in day out, and I’m used to the roads and traffic so a lot of the time I rely on my ears to tell me if something’s coming (probably not wise but hey), I’ve nearly been run over a couple of times by silent electric vehicles just because I didn’t hear them :crazy:

ive nearly been run over by noisey vehicles cause i wasnt paying attention :w00t:

Little bit off-topic I know, but I was fascinated when the new Jags came out. Their instruments aren’t instruments at all, but moving images of instruments. So theoretically, you could download the instrument cluster from a Ferrari Daytona or a Triumph Spitifre or an Opel Manta, or a … well, anything, really. You could even put the clocks from your favourite bike on the dash of your car. :smiley:

cool didnt know they did that/

Well you are a bit stupid