"The Snake" @ Mulholland Hwy

There is a part of the Mulholland Hwy in the states called “The Snake” think of it as the US equivalent of the Cat & Fiddle

There is a certain corner that seems to catch alot of riders out… doesnt look that chalenging so i wonder why this is…





might have to do with the dust on the road or at least in the 3rd case the lack of conterstearing and loosing the front end…

what was the guy shooting the video thinking? he could have warned the bikers instead…

Ouch! the guy in the second video must have really hurt his left elbow

videos were not filmed at the same time but over a period of time…also it is a well known corner for accidents

I think that video number 3 has to be the winner, with the guys TRAINER coming off as he’s tumbleing down the road! :w00t:

The guy’s wearing full leathers and TRAINERS!!! :w00t: Don’t these people know how to prevent the loss of their skin?!?!?! :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Spere - the arm of the chap in the second video must be smarting! :pinch:

Amazing road. Looks like the kinda road I rode through Malibu last time.

I think the corner is off-camber, and possibly dusty as someone’s said. It wouldn’t take much lose traction, especially if didn’t have hot tyres.

What is it with the guy in a t-shirt and the other in trainers? They spend all that money on the bike and then skimp on the protection? If it’s too hot to wear it (often is), then why bother riding hard? At least skin-grafts are free in the UK :slight_smile:

like most things american,can’t take corners:P:w00t:

hi jay my Pilot and I and are friends have been on this road before. it is amazing for sure and thank god none of us never went down.

you are asking about the guy in a tshirt and the other in trainers? here in Southern California, we call them “squids” because of the nature of a “squid.” i don’t know about the UK, but here in SoCal, most bikers are not smart and you can’t teach them to be one. a lot of bikers here go squid; tshirt, jeans, and trainers. you will ONLY see full leather in the track and sometimes in the canyons but never on the street. we even have the case of shorts, flipflops and tshirt! YES, shorts, like surfer shorts! and for the Pillion riders, you’ll see them wearing tiny shorts or skirts with tank top (vest?) and trainers. insanity! ignorance is bliss. and yes it does get too hot but still nobody cares about their skin, etc. Bikers here ride hard because they think they can do it and they like to show off. the typical non squid attire is jeans, leather jacket, and boots.

it’s a sad case really but oh well it’s their skin not mine :slight_smile:

in some parts of the US, helmet is not a law so you can find them riding without a helmet. yikes!

cheers from SoCal (for now) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the slo-mo of that white tennis shoe flying up in the air! :smiley: Made my day.