The Sleeper Has just busted out the Champers

I got a call at about midday today, I’m now a back to work statistic rather than an unemployed one…

Worked out well as on a better wage and much better prospects of promotion …

SO YIIPPPPEEEEE FOR ME will be up London one day next week celebrating with old work colleagues so anyone that wants to join me is more than welcome (will let you know what day closer to the time)…

congrats :cool:

Congrats mate! :wink:

Good news - still a few weeks to save for Christmas too :slight_smile:

Great news.

nice to hear some good news for once, congrats

Well done that man!!!

You got the job, many congratulations. I’ve started applying so hopefully I be following you shortly.

Nice one fella :wink:

Congrats, nice to see some positive work related posts for a change.

Well done that man;)

Great news! :slight_smile:

Well done on the new job mate!

It’s a great relief and an excuse to get out on the bike more :wink:

congratulations Karl, good to hear

well done mate!

Congrats Karl, you must be very relieved mate. Enjoy your Jolly-Up mate ;):smiley:

Hey… Well done! :smiley:

Nice one mate , hope it all works out wsell for you !!

That’s one of those great feelings. Congratulations.

Congrats mate :w00t:

On a related note, remember reading an article on the BBC about the US being out of the recession.
Think this is the one

Nice one, good feeling ain’t it !

That is fantastic news Karl – down a glass for me!