The Six Word Story In Full

the actual 13 pages can be found here though

I know i must be sad by doing this but i do hope this story can continue on

I found it very interesting but…when i went round to see my mate dave in the estate… to see what had been going on and when i got there…I found he’d been arrested and his girlfriend, well she…was giving me the eye, but I couldn’t possibly so i gave it her back and i thought stuff my mate but then she said i like to take it slow as she got on her moped She said ’ are you coming then?’ you must be mad, on that? You dont know how far it can go on a full tank of orange juice squeezed from a brand new sooothie maker made from the rermains of a Ginger haired gimp who called himself King of the… penis land but he wasn’t really a king but he was only dreaming then he woke up and then he mrs kissed him which turned out to his dog the dog was then viloently ill which then went to heaven where it bit an angel who was dressed in sequins and danced around singing but his tiara fell off and he dropped his lip gloss but Ginge had some spare it was a lovely pink shine he wanted his bike to match so he his wore pink stilletto`s along with his dayglo shirt and his sequen thong with tassles but it got caught in his chain and his winky was tinky and the mista is now a missus she felt much better and declared: my tights fit a lot better and i am becoming a lesbian so he emigrated to Lesbia and married a butch dyke sandy but she couldnt fit onto his So he pulled down his pants… but that made things worse…because she stepped back and…fell off the bed and banged i need more than this i Her ass on the wooden floor…She thought what am…i doing on new years eve doing that thing with…a feather duster and polish and a nice shiny knob She found if she rubbed hard the top of it would come off in her hand !!! up really shiny. like a mirror then…to make matters worse she didnt have a tissue…So she leaned over and took a page out of the MCN cleaned it and all the print…had come off on the knob They then saw an advert…about a fast sexy…Scooter for sale, one owner L.B’er who threw a raving tantrum and got her toys out of…Hamleys, who were having a sale. THEN…She went to the pub where…she got totally pissed then she started seeing strange things like that sexy giraffe in kinky boots little did she know it was her mate Westie Ready for a night out on the town in soho and his sad m8 said are you my friend and the mate said no, because…i have many friends from londonbikers and we always meet up on Frith street or the Ace If im not your friend who who can i get to push off the edge of the cliff well you can always push my my boyfriend off so i can that rusty shopping trolley down the boyfriend off so i can date the next newbie that comes along the newbies name was fanny and she had the biggest donkey you ever did see but what a smelly donkey it was What could i do about it…she sprayed it with lavender and… It started to melt and go purple around the edges, but theforeskin had to be cut off so she fed it to her cat Which proceeded to choke and threw up all over the…new white carpet in the hall It was a ginger tom called Fred…with big ears and huge nuts And green bulging…eyes from its almost square head

and big rubber lips

melted in the heat

so the cat ended up going

to see his best mate, who

was up in heaven but

the cat wasnt really dead, so

it came back down and saw

mother teresa in a pink

which scared him…