The SIX-STROKE Engine...

Just been reading up on the six stroke engine… Never hear of it until a mate told me about them yesterday…

So I believe there are two types: one system involves two opposing pistons that sit in the same bore, but one of them is smaller and moves at half the speed of the opposing piston. The other system uses steam - the steam gets injected into the cylinder after the power stroke, and the leftover heat from the recent combustion causes the steam to rapidly heat up and expand, forcing the piston back down.

Has anybody heard about these type of engines?

I wonder if they’ve ever been tried out in motorcycle engines… And if not then perhaps it might be an option in future, more efficient engines with better fuel consumption etc…

ive heard of the water one (came up on reddit a while ago), uses half petrol and half water to power it, while the engine stays cool (i think there was a video, ill try and find it)

Seems to be lots of talk and piccys about them , but this guys one works and looks like he fully intends it to be going into a bike before anything else .

You don’t need 6 stroke
When 2 stroke is all you need
I don’t think that came out right