The Site and IE8

A preview version of the next version of Internet Explorer, IE8, has been made available to download on the Microsoft website. It’s not a final release and we’ve noticed problems with trying to use it with LB. The main problem is, you can’t post! So if you’re thinking of trying the preview, I would recommend against it for now.

We’ll try and address these issues as soon as possible, hopefully in time for the official IE8 release date.

Don’t worry - I will be sticking with Firefox!

Seems to work fine Jay, and it is the final release from what I can determine. OK it will have multiple updates over the coming months, but as him above said i’ll stick with FireFox.

It’s not RC1? Good to hear you’re having no problems!

Can’t use IE with Linux properly - wot a shame :stuck_out_tongue:

tried it on mine…insert own swearword…my 'puter, caused it to crash and now having all kinds of probs had to go with firefox to even get onto internet so not a happy bunny !!! :angry:

IExx = sack 'o sh*te :smiley:
Firefox with IETab add-on as a fall back is all you need