The sausage man

Hence the saying …

“you are what you eat”

Pikey !!


u must eat lots of C OC K then

my job is done here !!

I have to agree with you. We buy our sausages in Braughing which are some of the best in the country.

They are only £3.75 a POUND

(Thats 8 bangers)

I love nibbling on sausages!

And thats cook and in a roll, not bad.

FFS you’re in London!!Dude wherever you go in town prices are hiked up. Of course your gonna pay more but its the convenience of having a quick bite to eat and a cuppa. There’s always the bins or Macd’s round the corner for you Simon if you can’t stretch to £3.50.


He deserves our support, cos the way things are going we need as many traders on our side as poss.

Oli may spend £4.50 on a haircut (actually £11) but at least it don’t look like that his mums just done it - like in your case!!

Hey Loo why you repeat yourself ?

Yeah, these sausages are very tasty, almost like polish ones, very good

I think its got to be a bit of give and take on both sides as Sincere said its a convenience, but if we had not of picked Borough Market then he would not of had so much trade on a wednesday night! I think a little LB discount would go a long way and encourage more trade, can but try Plus having a big tv screen with football and boxing on is not going to be appreciated by every one, so its not that much of a bonus is it ?

I knew you were older than you say you are, with that attitude i am guessing about 110, bet there’s a GS waiting in the garage along side your mums clippers!!