The sausage man

Morning all,

I got speaking to the sausage man at Borough last night and if people can it would be really good to push a bit more custom his way. They really look after us and have been as good as gold with us meteing there, so can everyone starve themselves on a Wednesday and buy lots of sausage rolls!

I thought he got the best custom out of all of the places there… not that I’m arguing, I love a tasty sausage me!

as a rule they do but i think things are getting fairly quiet for them at the moment, and seing as Patrick and people are having negotions with people to keep everything sweet in other corners it would just be nice to show some allegiance to the sausage guys as they are really happy to have us there

Does he do any veggie sausages?

so what kind of sausage do they sell? we talking hot dogs and things or just rolls?

They sell the best sausages!!! Sleeper if you’ve ever been to the sausage shop in Beckenham it’s all those kinda ones but a lot smaller and full of flavour - 3… or 4 (as some of us got last night) in a bun. Get you’re arse up there young man and try them out!!!

They don’t do veggie sausages… not that I saw anyway.

not sure about veggie ones but i’ll ask. generally he has cumberland, garlic, etc etc. they are really nice sausages, no frankfurter crap here

ginger you talking about Village Sausages or Kennedys?

Village sausages… the one that does all those great flavours!

I sued to work for Kennedys and they make great sausages, but they have now closed the beckenham one, I wanted to cry!

Did you have to fill the sausage skins?

lol, no I was the butcher for the bromley branch… they are a little pricey but worth every penny…

There’s no denying that they are tasty, but £3.50 for 3 small (1.5") sausages in a crispy roll just a bit steep! If he did an LB discount, maybe more people would take up sausage eating, or expand range of food to kebabs - that way he gets the Ginger Pound too

Point well made Flyby!

£3.50 for a gourmet suasage roll is not bad - this is borough after all and with the amount of people we bring down it’s only a case of buying one!

I was busy talking to the council and others last night so missed out a bit on my weekly treat - I love 'em! had a susauge roll at Chelsea and although cheaper and full of sentimental nostalgia (I miss the bridge) it wasn’t a patch on Borough’s Bangers!

For the sake of keeping us at this venue we’d be mad not to itry hard and keep people happy!

Veggie sausages would be nice, but they do make nice coffee too, you know…

Very true!

So Coffee and bangers from the cafe and cold drinks from the pubs!

Everyone’s a winner!

He also does a nice tea as well plus all the seats in side for when the weather is less inviting. As for LB discount I’m sure that if we push a bit more business his way the 3 will turn to 4 and we could always ask about Veggie sausages if there where enough interest.

Specially as they have the projection TV facility for the Football and Boxing !!

A deal is in order here !!!

Very good point even more reason for getting him some more custom then I sure he would be happy to sort out a few special LB bonuses

He has been good to us

serving us three small sausages in a dry bap for £3.50 sorry mate that aint a bargain u can buy a pack of large sausages for about 80p in tescos and 12 rolls for 90p… but then you do pay £4.50 for that haircut so in your eyes yeah it might be a bargain