The Riots long lost cousin

Based on what are easily the bestest bikes in the world!:stuck_out_tongue:

I want one!:w00t:

This looks a bit posh for you:w00t:

Wheres the rust?

Well, even I would like to better myself in the future…the far, very distant future!:smiley:

Have have plenty on my current bike to go around!:stuck_out_tongue:

Eill the one you get have a drive chain:D

Oh there’s always got to be one, dont be so daft…no it wont!:smiley:

I really liking that, I dont know whether to register on the website and find out if they have a pattern for the frame!:w00t:

Someones observant… Never even noticed

The Riot dont have a drive chain either and its the fastest thing known to man!:cool:

It’s Spanish/ Catalan relation is here:


Hey I like that!:w00t: The trouble with ally frames etc is you cant get that rust look just so! The wiring for the rear light is a great touch and more than makes up for the lack of remnants of the graphics. Then there the texture and consistency to the rusting exhaust! What a find Garrat, the owner must be truly proud :cool:

Whar!:w00t: They all be doing it?:cool:

Cagiva Mito Honda xr600 engine supermono project on fleabay:

Here’s another cousin from the more upmarket side of the family.

More pics :

Yeah, I’m liking that!:cool:

WOW :w00t:

I seriously like that Honda, i bet she sounds awesome.

Looks like a flat tracker now, dont it!:w00t:

Crikey, there loads of’em out there!:w00t:

…Thinks to one’s self…I have a complete klr 650 engine in my garage…:cool:

This threads about Honda’s(ish :blush: ) :stuck_out_tongue:

Just teasing!

:smiley: I love a smilie, thats made my day!

I tell you what, if you can build of those bikes, I’ll buy a couple of engines and have the green one and the red one!:w00t: