The ring

I cannot remeber who but someone told me about somewhere good run by a couple, also is there someone that does tours for bikes so you can ride it with an instructor first lap? any help would be good!


This site’s pretty useful for all the info.

And you found us a lovely hotel a few twisty roads away: :smiley:

guy at work raves about this place brendan will probably take you round the ring for a lap as he knows it inside out

Blimey you are knocking them out, Le Man and The Ring…anywhere else on the agenda for this year Rixxy?

Well im prob not guna do Le Man now, think in gunna be broke for a while after this! thanks for the info guys!

I am aiming to do “The Ring” next year (fingers crossed)

True, that guy that runs that place used to hold the lap record around there and is called “The Baron” on the PB Forum.

I followed him round in his car, I was on the 1098S in the wet…

If its moist or semi-wet, dont even contemplate riding around the Ring…

I was spinning it out of every corner, not because I’m Rossi but because the grip was **** poor…

My company does it… ive told u many time yet u dont listen do u :stuck_out_tongue: will call my boss wen u call me…

I was at the Ring a couple of weeks ago:) in the car tho:cool: and as said before, if it’s the slightest bit damp don’t take the bike round, you wont get past the first bend. It was bloody hard work in the car, it is so slippy.

You don’t want someone to show you the way round, half the fun is trying to learn the Ring as you go round:) it will cost a bomb tho to learn it @ 22 euro’s a lap:) but worth every penny;)