Call me a retard, but I’d not even heard of this before I collected a couple of issues from a local bike shop this weekend.

Interesting little mag. Same sort of feel as the LB web site, just on paper.

Anyone else picked up on this?


(Couriers, I know it’s mostly aimed at you and you’ve been reading it for ages, but what do you think?)

I normally get my copy from the T hut at High Beech,has some good stuff in it now and again

Prefer the fruit cake meself:D

Oi cheeky,I suppose I should count myself lucky it was’nt one of your more depraved edits:D

How very dare you:D Never depraved, always done with feeling;):smiley:

Hey!,Almost March 1st;)

Will be up for a bit of cake at the weekend:D

I’m sure Saturday or Sunday at the T hut for tea and cake is on,before I go to work for 3pm is on

I’ll give you a shout mid sunday mornin:)

Quite partial to a slice of Swiss Roll myself :slight_smile:

Oi stop caking around guys!

Yes it does have the same feel as the LB site…although it seems that they publish their news about 3 weeks after it is released. I suppose thats all they can do if they publish every month. :slight_smile:

Save yourself time reading that rubbish when you’ve got it all under one roof at LB!!

(don’t I sound like a marketing bud there?!)

Wassup…ya car need a run out ? :smiley:

have picked this up from hein gericke shops and at elite training in wimbledon, its a good read

Oi! I’m not married to LB you know, I can read the Digest too :P:D