The results of my fight with the black cab


Some of you may remember I had an accident with a black cab a couple of months ago. He knocked me off down the Kings Road & tried to blame me!

He only FOOKING WON!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

NEVER ever use Highway Insurance to represent you I am SO ANGRY!!!

I’d heard Rider Support Services are very good, but gutted you came off the worse for your encounter.

Of COURSE the black cab won - probably had loads of practice!

Sorry to hear that - was it an outright win for him, or a knock for knock?

Try this link

Thats toilet

I’m sorry to hear it didn’t go your way

Are you back on the road now?

That doesnt sound right to me. If he hit you from behind coming round the truck, how can he win? Was there any results from the camera? What about the police report that you were being bullied by them? Sounds like your insurance co bent over and took it!

Is there an appeal system out there? They are all [email protected]’s!


Thats not good news mate and i too dont understand how he won.

Sounds a bit crap to me…

Although I must admit cabbies are always right, whatever they have doen, cos they are so obviously the kings of the road (I’ll get me coat…

What is the result, is it really 100% for him? that would seem very out of order…

That is my view. I could understand some sort of knock for knock on the basis that it can be argued that both of you manouvred without proper regard to another vehicle.


i hate black cabs. sorry to hear

I had an accident and my insurer were Highway… they bent over backwards and happily took it up the xxxx … afterall they dont represent you, only themselves… did you have legal protection?

Can the case be retried?

I hear good things about Dalton White