The reason why i take the car to work....

Took the bike instead of the car to work this morning. It was great! Been really f*****g annoyed lately with life crap.

Normally i would take the car, as traffic is any different in the car or bike (work out of london). However, all i can think about it is to just going on it and buggering off out of work!! I couldn’t do this everyday, i might just actually do it.

How many people take their bikes to work?

i do.

i ride from maidstone to London Bridge everyday.

…every fair weather day…:Whistling:

I get the tube mon-thur and then friday is take the bike to work day for me, I look forward to my little ride in on the A40, a lot of filtering but it’s good fun especially when there are some other bikes to play with on the way :w00t: Takes me 15 mins on the bike which is better than the hour it takes on the train!!

i ride in every day. Couldnt do it in a car.

Most days, except when I need to do the school run

I ride from Petts Wood to Westminster 2 or 3 days a week. Lucky enough to work from home some days.

Have to train in the odd day and drives me nuts.

I go out for some fresh air and something from the caf mid morning and see my bike sitting there and I so won’t to be on it, work is so boring in comparison

I have just started riding into work everyday :smiley:

It’s only a couple of miles, but it seems to put me in a good mood for the rest of the day :smiley:

Hey Loopy, apparently you live near me… so the roads are pretty quiet.

I’m in Chigwell, work in Loughton… So i go through Abridge, Theydon Bois on the way too work :smiley:

Both of you off my patch…damn. :wink:

those roads are enough to get ANYBODY riding to workA414 A120 B10 something or other nr Ongar:D

Ride in every day in all weather except snow/ice. Could not cope with taking the train, and I have to on Monday… :sick: as my bike is infected with an electrical gremlin… I hates electrickery…


tho i really want a scoot or smaller bike for traffic slaying and running around the city!:smiley:

Ride to work every day, come rain or shine !

ride to work everyday all year round (but commute within the M25 so isnt as cold/icy)

use mine all the time rain/snow/ice bring it on :slight_smile:

better when sunny though as more fun playing round the lanes puts me in good mood before road rage sets in when in truck :smiley:

When I can really, depends on work schedules, where I have to go, who I have to see, what I have to take.

Bike isn’t always practical, but use it as much as I can.

My home - work ride only 11 miles, but often ride to sites all around home counties.

was ridng to work, London to Aldershot, on bike everyday until a spill took the wheels off the road. Will be straight back into it once hand is fixed and bike is sorted. Took the car the odd couple of times and just got angry;) Biking to work rocks, I’d much rather arrive at work with a smile on my face than all angry or pissed off.


I work shifts so I can use either, it doesn’t make much of a difference. I also use the A40 but only as far as Perivale. If I’m working earlies of 0700-1900hrs I’ll use the bike.

Unless its extremely heavy rain, snow or ice, I won’t use the bike purely cos after 12hrs sloggin my guts out at work I’m to knackered to concentrate more than usual.

Thinking of moving out into the countryside sometime, but still working in London, and then that would mean a longer ride into work…yipppeee.

Need to pass my DAS first though (next month) as big distances on a 125 is a bit of a slog.