The RAC rock

It is great to see that you can still get great customer service yesterday.

Just stopped at the roundabout at Billingsgate market to get onto the Wharf when my clutch cable snapped.

First thanks to the biker who stopped to see if he could help.

Phoned the RAC with the expectation that they would pick me up and dump me at a garage in the middle of no where and have to leave my bike there whilst they ordered a new cable .

Oh no , The RAC guy was pretty knowledgeable with bikes, Rang around a few garages to see if he could get a cable for me with no luck. I phoned one of the guys who works with me as he knows a decent garage near lime house. They thought they might have something that worked, So off drove the RAC guy, leaving me in Mcdonalds to warm up and grab a coffee, to try and pick it up . Unfortunately they did not have the right cable , but the garage (E1 Motorcycles) offered to weld/solder a new nipple onto the snapped cable to get me home.

The RAC guy even negotiated a little bit of a discount for me. He returned refitted the cable and sent me on my way . He probably spent about 3 hours on the call. Even though he new it was a busy day , he was very focused on getting me sorted rather than stuck on a flatbed.

Top guy from RAC and top garage E1 for fixing things to get you home rather than just order a part

Ok so not my best morning of the year as it was freezing, but top service. I would definitely use E1 going forward.


jimbotri That’s all good and I’m glad to see the RAC are still up to speed. It’s been a while since I needed them but I still happily pay for Family Membership.

I’ve had similar service every time the family have needed them in the past.

I used to be an AA member but when I also broke a clutch cable (before I learned to carry emergency spares under the seat) an RAC van just stopped. I’d just called the AA and told I’d got a three hour wait when the RAC man rocked up.

He cobbled up a temporary cable from some bits he had on board, got me mobile again and then followed me home for 7 miles in SE London to make sure things held up.

Cost? Nothing. Just a promise to leave the AA and join the RAC when my renewal was due.

(They were also brilliant when my wife’s car clutch packed up and when the cylinder head gasket blew on my daughters car on the M6.)

I’m with you. Let’s hear it for the RAC. Now wait for all the people posting to say they are rubbish.

I’ve always had good service when I had my triumph, you get free 1 years membership when I bought it :stuck_out_tongue:

know the guys name by ant chance? knew a few people who work there…

The aa are also very good like that :slight_smile:

Name on the ticket was Fontaine , dropped a note to RAC customer service to point out his good service as well.

Good for you jimbotri .

We are all quick to complain about cwap service. Nice to hear that someone else give praise when it’s due.