The posting of Biker Deaths on Forums

I have used a couple motorbike forums over the years and have to admit I find the posting of biker deaths very disturbing. Not for one second am I claiming any bikers death shouldn’t be publicised, especially if they are a member of the website or friend etc. In general a low percentage of bikers die but obviously far more than car drivers.

I think this kind of content does help keep riders more aware of their own mortality. But over stating the risks can lead to riders being overlly cautious or put off. I guess this is part and parcel with motorbikes.

I’m not after a change but I am interested in the general consensus.

Ride safe, Ride well :slight_smile:

Doesnt bother too much wether its posted or not…what is annoying/uncalled for is when someone constantly posts about bikers down…theres a difference between a fatality and an off…

personally i know the risks of riding a bike, i accept that…if fate comes theres sod all you can do about it.

Almost as disturbing is seeing a post entitled:

Not completely bike related but deffo worth a look.
NSFW some fairly graphic accidents

Love my bike but hate reading about death on a purely selfish note as I i shite myself thinking about it and hate hearing you will come off also grrrrrr I dont wanna I have dropped my bike thats as far as i wann go

with you on that one Jetstream duo :wink:

however I dont see an issue with the thread of lost friends and family. Its a way to let people know they’re gone, a way to organise obvious arrangements and generally get some support from some good people to help you move on and feel better. I know it helped me earlyer in the year as it has other members on here…

Bikes are an unbelievably kind lot and will generally go miles out the way for one another way beyond the call of regular strangers. And there is some diamonds on here as proof :slight_smile:


I agree with you on that point entirely.

of course you should post It helps to get these things out but as a bike its hard to read also

I concur with your point.

Unfortunately the fact remains that riding motorbikes is very dangerous and results very frequently in serious injury or death.

As much as folk tell their loved ones it’s fine because they ride safely, or it won’t happen to me, unfortunately it very well might happen to you and you might not go home that night.

However, if we all gave in, what would we do for fun? I accept that when I chuck on my lid I could die or hurt myself as bad as the last time…do you??

I don’t see how a person that rides a motorbike on the track or the road can say that it’s not dangerous. Death is part and parcel of the choices I have made in my life, to race bikes, and I have lost friends to what I and they love.

I could hop in my motor now, nip to the shop, get run over by a doddery old biddy in a micra and that would be it. But at least I can say I have lived my life 110%.

If someone dies on a bike or in any other kind of accident why shouldn’t you post it? Celebrating the life they lived whether as a biker or not.

Solomanda - there is no overstating the risks of biking is there? Or I have I imagined all the pain etc associated with riding bikes…

If i’ve missed the point then do tell me to pipe down :hehe:

I respect your opinion and not looking to start an argument. I guess it’s obvious reading of any death is disturbing, more so if it’s an activity you take part in yourself.

I agree about accepting the risks. I take part in other extreme sports and of my group of friends, about a quarter of us are injured at anyone time.

sorry didn’t mean for it to come across as argumentative.

I really was asking the question.

I don’t mind the posts about someone known to the original poster, or indeed posting about a death publicised in the press or on an internet new site. If it’s a friend, it’s often just a way to tell people how you feel, and if’s the news is already in the public domain then I can’t see any harmI think the posts about a biker down at such & such a place 'cause I passed it a while ago, hope the riders ok are at best a bit pointless, and at worst likely to upset someone…

There was a post here in the last couple of days about a scooter down…when in fact it was some bloke topping himself in front of a lorry and the scooter was apparently not involved - in the physical sense anyway.

If when I had my off my wife had for some reason gone into this forum before being told by the police she might have found out from this site…with no one to turn to. As it happened she had already guessed I’d had a serious off as she had heard the travel news on Radio London, and I wasn’t answering any texts.

It’s also a good job she didn’t read this thread…apparently I died at the scene and had mouth to mouth… But at the end of the day it’s a public forum, if I don’t like the look of a thread, I don’t have to read it do I?


Talk about misinformation:crazy:

What are you doing on a Millwall site John? We fuggin hate them;):P:D

I googled accidents in the Elthsm Tunnel to find out more about it, and apart from an angry chap complaining to it was the only remotely interesting thing I found:)

Johnse1 (10/12/2008)

I googled accidents in the Elthsm Tunnel to find out more about it, and apart from an angry chap complaining to it was the only remotely interesting thing I found:)[/quote]See his nickname… chunkybuster:D:D:DI’ll give him a Chunkybuster if I see him;):P:D

i don t think its no bad thing u get a reality check that your not immortal and u get killed on them through no fault of you own.i was ran down on mine by people who wanted to kill me and your faith in the human race is shatterd.BUT when your in hospital and the people really care not just family and u read forums like this and complete strangers take time to write post and show concern it make u feel a lot better about people,theres still hope for us all thanks.

I posted about an accident I attended last Friday on my way home. I did this specifically because the accident looked much worse than it was and I know a lot of bikes went past the incident and wanted to help put people’s minds at rest in case they saw the motionless face down rider that greeted me when I came across the scene.

What I would do if I stopped at a scene where there had been a fatality or very serious injury, I don’t know, but I expect I would need to unload.

I totally see your point - we should enjoy motorcycling and have a positive attitude to it - dwelling on the bad stuff too much is unhealthy.

I find reading about fellow bikers injury and deaths disturbing too - my heart always sinks when I read about (or witness) the aftermath of an accident.

On the other hand I think that being aware that people are getting killed and injured on bikes fairly regularly does serve a purpose in that it prevents complacency. For anyone who rides a bike - knowledge of how and why motorcyclists are getting killed and injured on the roads and with what frequency helps build up the riders personal sense of the level of risk he/she is exposing themselves too and increases their knowledge (via the details of the incident) of what he should be looking out for and guarding against.

On we have a fallen junkies section. People can leave message on an area.
I don’t see a problem with it as on some forums people build up connections/community so they may have friends being virtual or not.