The pizza dilemma

Why is it whenever I order pizza I never have change to give the guy who delivers it…??? I know it’s not a prerequisite but I always like to give a tip on this occasion (unless they’ve taken an hour to bring it)

Should I:

  1. Give him the 20p I have in 5, 1 and 2p coins and pretend it’s loads?
  2. Not order a pizza and actually cook some food?
  3. give him euro cent coins instead (funnily enough I have loads of those!)
  4. Not give a tip

2 - :slight_smile:

too late… already ordered.

Will try and scrounge some together and if not… well that’s why I paid by card.

TBH no2 was never an option today! :smiley:

more importantly…whats the toppings? :smiley:

I always give the dudes that deliver my pizzas 3 tips

1 learn to read English or at least understand our numerical system.
2 get a proper job.
3 don’t expect to be rewarded with cash for bringing my pizza when you phone me from your car because you claim you cannot find my flat, making me complete the last 20 feet of the delivery! Refer back to tip number 1

from experience do not give him 20p next time you will get something extra on your pizza.

just be honest, I would rather that than some bull. like the twats that keep the change of 1p I’d just post it back through the letter box

Managed to scrounge together a pound in 5p coins… did apologise for the small coins though :smiley:

Alba - was the Pizza Hut Supreme one… can’t remember all the toppings :w00t:

I’ve never given a pizza guy a tip and don’t really understand why anyone would? I don’t know anyone that does either. It’s not like they give a great service or anything, they get paid to do a job and they barely do that most of the time.

my view exactly, they’re being paid to deliver the pizza, no customer service involved so no tip from me

dude the guys are on minimum wage bringing you a pizza in any condition (wet, dry, snow) and it doesn’t matter if the Ch. League final is on!

You’d tip a waiter, wouldn’t you?

Dont worry about it :slight_smile:

difference is a waiter spends the duration of the meal looking after your needs, he doesn’t just put the food on the table and then disappear never to be seen again (well in principal anyway), and yes I am a miserable sod :smiley:

I do tip waiters but to be honest I don’t really know why people tip them either. They get paid to do a job, doesn’t matter if it’s minimum wage or not, I’ve never really understood why I’m supposed to tip someone for doing their job. I’ve had plenty of jobs where I’ve been paid minimum wage and I never got a tip.

In the states…you get amazing service that is worthy of a buck or 2 tip…

In the UK…the service is the way of them doing you a favor if you buy something which ive never really understood :angry:

Makes me fuucking mad is what it does…


my way of thinking about it is this… these guys are desperate for work yet their employers only see fit to pay them the most basic of salaries, which tbh amounts to feck all… Therefore, especially when he brings me my pizza fast, in the pouring wet and it’s still piping hot… I think that’s a good service.

Waiting is one of the poorest paid jobs yet the people who own the restaurants expect high standards of politeness… sorry but for that amount of money, when I have to think if I have enough each month, I don’t have the time to be extra polite and have to deal with arrogant customers. That’s where the tipping comes in

For the record I’ve never been a waiter… :smiley:

from when i was a pizza boy (ended about a month ago :D) id go for number 1, and a “sorry its all ive got” mention.

makes the job nicer :slight_smile:

and as you said working for £5.30 an hour in the rain, snow, ice, upto 364 days a year (not christmas day)

I never liked you lot anyways :w00t:

I joke but I’d also opt for option 1. Your pennies combined with the pennies of others can be the difference between me eating that night.

Its kinda rough for me at the moment but in fairness I’m doing it to myself to save for an SV…

Was absolutely pissing it down today and I still delivered on **** Chinese tyres, attached to a poorly maintained bike, owned by a company that gives 0 fucks about its employees (shown by my lack of dominos branded helmet (Which was stolen by a co-worker) and jacket which also went walkies).

In short, I think an extra quid to go in my pocket, and subsequently my belly is a nice gesture considering I just risked my neck to bring you a pizza when you were too lazy to cook.

I started fixing the bikes myself, and i only got that much as i was empoied on the last day it was owned by papa johns, everyone the frachise employied was £5 an hour (regardless of age and minimum wage)

Jobs a job, no need for that!


unless I felt the service was great!
Or the wether was poor!
Or even if he held a good convo whilst unloading