The Phantom Numberplate Cleaner of Old London Town

So there I was, approaching my bike in the parking bay a few months ago but something didn’t look quite right. It took a few seconds and then it clicked. The bike was its usual mucky self, but the numberplate had been cleaned and was spotless and stuck out like dogs’ balls! The same thing again last week!

Note to the cleaner: If you are going to interfere with my property, can you also give the rear end a clean, especially the swingarm? Oh yes, and put my wing mirror back in its original position. Thanks.

Anyone else experienced this?

wipe some sh*t all over it


does he do home visits? :laugh:

Is this why we see bikes in Central London with a carrier bag on the numberplate? Not to stop plate-cloners but to avoid the phantom???


Any chance it’s an over zealous cleaning-freak traffic warden?

Maybe someone is fishing for your bike, trying to match the age/plate with the required colour/model? Was the number visible before “cleaning”?

PErhaps some busybody was worried that speeding bikers are trying to use dirty number plates to foil speed cameras and decided to take action?

I don’t recall it being too dirty - but I must admit I don’t remember cleaning it for a while either.

I favour the traffic warden/vigilante theories - but who walks around in central London with a cleaning cloth??

Am thinking seriously about Chop Rock’s suggestion. I have a daily supply in my garden :wink: