The Person Who Replied Below Your Thread

Ok, lets play a game, you have to say something about the next person who will reply to this post, then you must answer true or false, and then ask another question and so on…

ill go first,

The next person likes MARMITE.


The next person loves weasels.


The next person likes kylie minogue


the next person facy’s westie

not so smiled.


The next perspn has premium bonds…


The next person had a hangover this morning.

Oh wait, that was me…


and 666 is a yasmak wearing illegal that likes fish and chips on the end of sarfend pier where he first landed by parachute undercover of darkness with a social security claim form stuck to his cannister with camel fat glue !!

next !!

The next person gave themselfs self pleasure.

Oh Bugger! JP got in while I was typing!

The next person gave there partner some pleasure today.

the next person has genital warts…

bad smiled.

Maybe - after all it is nearly christmas

The next person is a thieving git !

What are they then ?


the next person bashes in front of the mirror. i.e BARRO!!!..

I thought they were a 70,s Band !!

ill take that as a true then mr. barro.

the next person, hasnt had a shower for the past 3 days.


Sauna Steam and Jaccuzzi this morning ya fish head eating Pikey !!


i love you barro…

Ditto…Happy Gudulahumbra or what ever it is you and Osama celebrate in the Tora Bora Hills !

the next person regularly tastes their own cum.