The Peak District





Great pics! :slight_smile:

Is the first one by Ladybower Reservoir?

It is ! From there we went across the reservoir and fed the ducks, I have a phobia of birds so feeding the ducks what one of my worst nightmares, thanx Jonny for capturing the moment :crying:Then we went and did Snake Pass, fantastic road especially when ‘Battery’ was blasting away in my lid :cool:

Sweet - original or orchestra version? :smiley:

More familiar with Mountain Biking around Ladybower reservoir!

Don’t go back up on bike often - so miss all the good routes up there3

Original … natch :cool:

Good pics. I count three helmets?

Me, Jonny’s and my Mum’s, my Dad’s was carrying his.

Edit, no my dad’s is there next to me mum’s elbow :slight_smile:

I spotted the 4th when I looked again.

I am the only rider in my family and so dont get to do such family outings. :crying: