The passing of the Captain

Captain Beefheart has died.

If you’re under “a certain age” you’re probably thinking “Who?” right now. But if you were in your 20’s when he was at his best, he probably left an indelible stain in you musical memory.

Slightly unconventional, he has been described as:

… idiosyncratic rhythms, absurdist lyrics and an unholy alliance of free jazz, Delta blues, latter-day classical music and rock & roll to create a singular body of work virtually unrivalled in its daring and fluid creativity.

Or, as my father put it, “Absolute ********”.

I’ll be raising a glass to him tonight, which seems appropriate. He died of sclerosis.


(If you want to find out what you missed when he was at his best, find something from the “Safe as Milk” album.)

shame i likedsome of his stuff

RIP to a true innovator of the music industry! :cool:

Glass raised here too. RIP Beefheart

lessismore Like the new avatar. Looks like a bike commuters wishful thinking.

blackbirdxx Hadn’t thought to look on YouTube.

There are half a dozen tracks from “Safe as Milk” on there. I’ve just loaded the album for an hour of lost youth music.

(Mrs. O tells me it’s complete borrocks too.)

A true original. RIP.

Will he be missed?

Sho’ nuff ‘n’ yes he will!

That is open to serious miss-interpretation.

Good choice Garret! ;):cool:

Like many people up and down the country and around the world I had my little Beefheart moment last night when I pulled all his lp’s yes I mean those round vinyl thingies off the shelves and had a listen. Still love the Spotlight Kid.
As a art student in 1968 the good captains mutant blues on Safe As Milk blew my brains.