The other FZ

Frank Zappa, did a tune called City Of Tiny Lights on an album called Sheik Yerbouti in the late 70s. Like a lot of his stuff of that period, it was recorded live (this one at Hammersmith Odeon) and he then added overdubs in the studio. Excellent technique, made for great sounding recordings. I could drone on about his custom Midas live console blah blah but that’s not the point.

Anyways, I was sat with my doris in front of the telly one night in 1979, we were stoned as puddings, watching the Whistle Test, and the programme ended with this song… I still remember being totally blown away by the video, it’s a treat, so enjoy -

Blimey, if I’d watched that stoned I’d still be having nightmares!!

Superb animation and love the concept.

Nice one 7wheel!

I was expecting it to be the correct FZ, and you did let me down!

Sheik Yerbouti was my first FZ album (of about 25).

“Hear the tiny auto horns!” :wink:

Wicked, must have taken a while to do the vid!!

Nick Parks eat ya heart out ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Ferkin Brilliant