The only person in the world who likes the 2008 Fireblade?

There seems to be an unwritten rule that everyone who rides a Fireblade also works in IT.
And then, everyone says the new 2008 model is ugly and no one will buy it.

I work in IT and am thinking about going to see/try the new Blade in February when it’s launched. Does this mean I’m a saddo with absolutely no friends…

Yep your spot on !!! :slight_smile:

nah I will reserve judgement on the new blade till Ive seen one cos its butt ugly in the pix.

Looks fine to me, then again what would I know! Surely though can’t be bad can it?


don’t worry about it. tons of people slagged off the 07 600rr and look at it’s response now people love it to bits. sure the new blade looks a bit funny but it’s a new model give it a few months and you’ll be the coolest dude on the block.:cool:

Stuff what other people think, unless you’re gonna buy it for them. I think it looks okay, but then I do work in IT! lol

It needs more Chrome :D:D:D


seen it in the flesh/metal, buy sommat else mate :wink:

There were some impressive, chrome-covered Harleys at the Ace on Sunday, but those guys must spend every waking hour polishing it all. 10 minutes of rain would then be heart-breaking, and they’re back to square one doing it all again. I was looking for a bike which required as little cleaning as possible!

Funny…I’ve just brought an older blade and I’m in IT!! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the bike in the flesh and it is bloody cool!! If I has the money to buy one, I’d have one!! :smiley:

If it’s anything like the CBR 600 RR last year…It will probably be the best litre bike this year.

Looks fugly though, but you don’t see the looks whilst riding…Guess that’s how gixxer owners get by :slight_smile:

There’s not a bad litre bike available IMO…So you can safely base your decision on superficial elements such as looks…

If the blade stirs your loins, then go for it :laugh:

Amazingly enough i own a Blade and DON’T work in IT and DO like the new blade . Yes it looks a bit different , and when i 1st saw the pics i was a bit disappointed but seeing it in the flesh it looks much better , still not 100% on the front end yet , but it certainly ain’t no minger , and will grow on people as we get more used to it . The comment about when the CBR 6 came out last year and people weren’t initially impressed , and now everyone loves it , was spot on .

everyone loves the new 600rr? er no mate, i for one defo still dont like the styling.

relative performance of bikes in the litre class in the last few years is marginal, and beyond most riders, esp on the road. the riding position is prob more relavant rider to rider these days

for the money you’re spending, i’d want to love the looks, not want put a bag over its head :smiley:

See the Fireblade in the ‘flesh’, it really isn’t that bad a looker. Then sit on it. The riding position is absolutely fantastic. (Did so at the NEC show and 3 northern Fireblade owners were telling me that now they’ve see it and sat on it they all want one).

Just waiting to get my hands on one for a test ride.

I don’t work in IT but, if I get a Fireblade, will I have to retrain? :smiley:

“train”… now there’s an idea.
No, you just need to “look” like you know what you’re doing! :wink:

Am going to Honda Chiswick for the Blade launch in Feb. Will feedback…

Just want to ride a sports bike before the government bans them totally. Will probably be the slowest ever rider of a 1000cc, and I’m sure that Sean could be beat me on a 125, but what a thrill!!!

I’ve been doing that for years. I’m bound to get caught out eventually. :Whistling:

Or do what I do…learn a few technical (ish) words and say them backwards - that really sound impressive! :D:D

And how is your knowledge of pi/pct slocotorp?

:slight_smile: - so so!

I agree that the looks aren’t all that on the new blade but the cherry red tank etc looks quite cool. BUT… I happen to know that this bike is AWESOME to ride :wink:
I reckon that you guys should hold your judgement until you ride it! It will blow you away.

As for the looks of the CBR6, I would be biased and say that it’s beautiful and handles extremely well. The only main things I would change if I were to redesign it would be to make the front end a little larger and to make the tank look even at the front (the steering dampner is on only one side - it looks unbalanced and ugly IMO).

Lusty x

I owned the CBR 1000 RR 2004 but I’m afraid the new 1000 RR is the Ducati 999 of Honda… they are losing the touch…