The only good thing about the Tube is . . .

. . . that I can pick up The Metro comic

Two stories in particular stand out to demonstrate the possible futility of education in the UK:

Captain Dan the Demon Dwarf managed to superglue his manhood to a vacuum cleaner in order to drag it around in a show. Full storey here:

In another story, a bit unfortunate really, a woman was killed by her pet Camel when it felt amorous and tried to hump her ! Apparantly it has a history of similar behaviour including trying to hump the family’s pet Goat. Full storey here:

can I ride into work and you let me know of any cool stories like the ones above?

I am with him-Dont care what you can read, I dont do the tube unless I am drunk.

Not using it because I like it, because I have to. Don’t like it at all, like the trains even less. Could have ridden in but not keen on leaving bike outside and the secure parking was too expensive.