The old School

Some wont remember them but what did you have and what was best ?50cc AP50 or FS1E ?

250cc RD, X7 or KH ?

Sorry to be awkward RD 350 LC :cool:

A bit to new but an icon no less :slight_smile:

Started at 16 on a Fantic Caballero then at 17 went onto Aircooled RD250B and 350AFirst big bike was GS1000S Wes Cooley replica:cool:edit: Fantics beat Fizzies and AP’s into the dust all day long when you could start the fugger…lolRD’s shone way above them rattling dogs of GT’s with their kick starts on the wrong sideGS blew Zed’s into the weeds and was one of the first superbikes to actually hadle (a bit)…lol

Passed my test on an X5 !!! The X7s little brother. Loved that bike. Had a FS and a Honda SS50, who remembers the little Honda SS with the chrome tank panels??:smiley:

Ooooo FS1E, little purple one, age 17! Three 17 yr old girls on bikes, well good back then


X5 Digger i think it was a 200cc ? not seen one of them for years.

GS 1000 The days of chrome and the more of it the better :slight_smile: on the RD 250 Allspeeds or Microns Chunky ?I see one of these the other week GT 380

Yep X5 was the 200cc version of the X7. Seem to recall that it had electric start too! all the mod cons!:smiley:



And still nowhere near as good as the RD200DX :slight_smile:

my first ride back in the day, the only time i saw a fs1e was in the mirror:cool:

Neither, I had J&Rs on mine. Got them from Sondel Sports. i don’t think Allspeeds or Microns had been invented then:w00t:Had Allspeeds on a later RD400 though:cool:

Chunky i think you could well be Master of the old school :cool:

AP50 :slight_smile:

then went the trailie route at 17 with a new TS250ER - stolen after 3 months, replaced with XL250

closely followed by a XT500

Fantic Caballero!! :smiley: I’d forgotten about those, I started at 16 with a purple FS1E that I wrote off after 3 months, then for some reason I got a Puch M50 GP which was really terrible! :smiley:

I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not…lol:D

Intended as a compliment Chunky :slight_smile: you have me thinking of some classic bikes long since forgotten.

Some great memories are coming back the Puch reminds me of the Avon women that lived on our estate she used to deliver her cosmetics on one,it wasnt the JPS one though.Me and her son used to take it out of her garden and ride it round the fields then try and put it back without her knowing :D.

Was anyone unlucky enough to have a Honda 250 Superdream ? :D.

Had a bad boy 400 :cool:

My first bike was one of these -

Yes, it really does have the word “Racing” on the side of a Puch M50 Sport.

Trust me compared to the previous two incarnations of Honda 250 (CJ250 and 250 Dream) the Superdream was a revelation mate:DRemember the idiots who bought Suzuki GT triples and stuck Piper 3 into 1 pipes on them?They looked and sounded sexy but gave you a hole in the powerband that you could drive a bus through:DThe perfect bit of kit for converting petrol into noise without the pain of extra power:D:DI saw one at the Ace last summer and the owner wan’t happy with me laughing at it:Whistling:

Our local Bobby used to have one of the earlier Hondas a 200 i think complete with the phone on the back,he used to try and chase us round the woods.He couldnt keep up with me 4 speed Italijet 50 :D.

I cant see why the bloke with the GT would get the hump ? he must have a sense of humour to buy one in the first place.