The old grey whistle test.

We`ve bin away for a while, not lost, hopefully not forgotten and certainly not less than useful. (Aka, the member/wife interface conducted this morning from footpaths near Guildford, between mince pies and mullered wine)

Back in the New Year but for now we`re creating chaos in the “Rambers”, they make us feel young.

Anyway, the reason we posted was for a comparison of three mountain whistles.

  1. The Karrimor, discounted to £1.45 at sports direct.

  2. The Acme, priceless as my dad gave it me.

  3. The Acme Thunderer, £5.95 from Amazon.

So, if yer within 5 miles of Wembley stadium we would politely ask you to stand outside yer house at 22.00hrs.

We will blow each whistle in the order mentioned and would be delighted to receive volume reports from as far afield as Wandsworth and Sutton.

Please reply on a scale of 1 to10.

Did no-one hear it?

Damn that was you! You woke me up. It’s been a busy week.

We`ll be using the Thundrer for rideout set off interface thingies for future reference.

3,1,2. but they were all pretty crap. air assisted is the way to go.

We didn’t hear any whistles or bells this far out possible dampened  by the rain. Member/wife interface muchly appreciated. Spiced mackeral, potato wedge things, sweetcorn, peas, cauliflower, carrots and then some together with a steamy mug of tea presented on the dining table as I wheeled the 250 into the stables.

  1. ACME Tornado 2000 (Worlds Loudest Whistle, allegedly)
Yellow, green and red options

  1. Storm safety whistle (Another claim to the Worlds loudest whistle)

^works in and under water, that’s perfect for you :grin:

^^^ post of the month

Oh dear just noticed the Storm is made in the USA, would never have posted had I noticed that earlier, apologys.

Acme Tornado 2000 for the win then, just the name has a proper robust sound about it. THE ACME TORNADO TWO THOUSAND. Not to be confused with Harry Potter’s broom, the Nimbus 2000, which is also robust unlike Trigger’s which was less mobile and subject to several recalls relating to excessive wear of the handle and head.

You gonna set up another LB account as the “Oldgreywhistletester”

Knowing my luck I’ll end up as Triggers broom tester

Technically your test is invalid as you may have affected responses by detailing the order. A blind test would be much more reliable so please repeat tomorrow without revealing the order of whistling…

Also don’t forget that people may be more primed for whistle hearing after the first one so I would consider re-doing this on consecutive days asking people if Day 1 was louder than Day 2…

Well blow me, random whistles, random days, firm but fair :wink: