The Official LB Trackday - 29th April


29th April 2008

We’ve hooked up with MotorSport Vision, the owners of our own London-local World-Class circuit, Brands Hatch. Based about ten miles out from Central London, Brands Hatch is a dream circuit and one where we’ve had a few trackdays already. What we’ve done this time round though is to get the circuit for ourselves. Imagine that? All LB riders! Join us and have a great time!

Like anything LB does, the event is open to all riders, regardless of the bike or rider experience. We have the standard three group arrangement which means riders are seperated intro groups according to their experience of track riding (not road-riding). This means if you’re an absolute novice or have never ridden on track but love the idea of the learning to control your bike better or to have more fun in a safer environment than the road, then you can come along and ride in the Novice group. More experienced riders are catered for in the Intermediate and Advanced groups.

We’ve had a glimpse of the weather to come this year already with some amazingly above-average warm and sunny days, so we’re all hyped up for this day and can’t wait to get back out to the track after a winter off! Come along, ride the track and enjoy the day with existing or new friends you’ll make. Even if you can’t ride or don’t want to (huh?!) then you can come and be a part of the atmosphere as a spectator and be with the riders.

For booking or more information, hit the following MSV pages. The price is £145 (we don’t make any money on this) for the whole day. As with any trackday, you need to book early to ensure a place. Placements go quickly:

Event now fully booked!

Please also note that due to a car event in the evening, there will be no BBQ as was discussed as a possibility before. People are still invited down to enjoy the social aspect. The pit-lane cafe will still be open for us in the evening.

Sound Restriction:

Like most circuits around the country nowadays, the local residents are forgetting where they live and who was there first, and petitioning the local councils to have the circuits reduce their noise levels. Despite the sheer stupidity in this, the circuits are forced to set a maximum noise limits from bikes. Brands Hatch nowadays have an enforced 105db sound limit for bikes, with noise testing in the morning.

A road bike with a standard / road legal exhaust should be under this limit but if you are unsure then please contact MSV directly to arrange a noise test.


Those who haven’t attended a trackday before or are unsure of how things are done here, should read our FAQ:

Previous LB Trackday Photo Galleries:

We want as many folks to come along to enjoy the day. All the previous trackdays we’ve had have been a huge amount of fun for everyone involved. We feel like we have a great group of people and friends here and these events help strengthen those experiences and friendships. Please note that this trackday is open to everyone, not just LB memembers, so hopefully we’ll be inducting a few new members on the day :slight_smile:

The most fun you can have on two wheels legally! Do not underestimate just how much fun a trackday is! Come along!

Nice one Jay!! Already paid for this I think as part of the Christmas party auction? Can you book me an inters place please… :)?

oooo as long as there are still places when i get paid in a few eeks its booked!! i got the bug already and i aint even been on track :smiley:


Sounds great but how does it work ? Do you get any guidance as to what you are/arent doing right ?

Do you need anything specific for the day kit wise ?

you gotta have an all in 1 leather suit or a 2 piece zip together as well as a gold star helmet i know that much

You can buy a one-to-one session with an instructor (20 mins) for £25 but there will also be a load of londonbikers around that can offer some tips if you want, everyones happy to talk to everyone, and some of the stuff might actually work :wink:

yea but trust me dont listen to elad, he’ll get u binnin ur bike! :stuck_out_tongue:

As mentioned in the first post, we have an FAQ (frequently asked questions) for trackdays already:

Come along, you’ll love it!

Is this for the Full Circuit!!!

Nope, Indy mate.

Shame, that rules me out. I’m not going to acquire leathers for just a day’s use. Unless I can borrow someone’s for a few beers that is…

I’d really like to experience the Fugly on the track. :w00t:

Will B be making an appearance?

Great work Jay, this will be a cracking day out not only for those wanting to improve their biking skills but for the usual LB entertainment as well as. A possible BBQ in the famous Kentagon?, now we’re being spoilt:) I’ll try and help out where possible in some capacity Jay. Vegas, just seen your post, will keep you informed mate once I’ve sorted a few things out:)

If you can get some, I’d love to see it on track mate :slight_smile:

Wow, that is very much I was looking for. Riding on the streets for years - but never been on a track (why? don’t know …).

2 Probs at the moment: no bike (am in the buying process - so should be no prob)
money (its end of April - it is announced early enough … so should be no prob) :cool:

Really looking forward to see you people face2face.

Im in for 95% (but I wait with subscribing till i get the 100% :wink: )

Shane? might come along as spectator, have ya gotta pay for that/to get it etc?
also wot time is bbq? at night and camping or at night then ride home etc?

If my bike was not on the way to ALmeria for 3 days on track, I would have been there. Damn!

are we allowed to stay overnight if theres a bbq and beers afterwards?? like camping or something?

I don’t think this would be welcomed, but if there’s sufficient interest for it, I can try and negotiate something. The only thing is that it’s a week-day, so not sure if peeps want to take two days off work? But hey, there’s enough time to let this pan out.

BBQ requires us to see how much interest there is for it, but already I have a good feeling! Attendance for non trackdayers is free, you just roll into the circuit and then under it to get to the inner paddock where everyone will be. Come along mate!