The official LB charity has been chosen!

We asked for everyone’s opinions recently on who they thought we should partner up with, charity wise, as we’re very keen to help both ourselves as bikers, and people in the capital. We’ve now decided after going through peoples suggestions and evaluating them, based on their perceived value to society, and their ability to work with us in a positive way.

We’ve chosen the London Air Ambulance (LAA) Service, otherwise known as HEMS. You may have seen them buzzing overhead, or on television with one of the reality-drama programs recently. They’re an amazing charity, making real differences everyday to peoples lives in the capital, and we feel it’d be an honour to work alongside them, helping to raise funds and awareness for them. Their service is also particulary relevant to us as bikers, because they treat us when things go decidedly south and we need urgant medical assistance. A great number of the team behind the service are also bikers, if you can believe it, so they’re equally enthusiastic about working with LB .

It’s our aim to not just raise funds for them, but also to have this partnership so that we can help raise the general level of awareness regarding good road-riding skills and the value in good protective clothing. I hope that none of us ever have to call upon the London Air Ambulance services. We look forward to working with LAA and arranging events to raise money for them. Read more on our press-release:

Please have a good look over their website as well, I’m sure you’ll find it interesting, as we sure have. There’s some brilliant photos in the galleries section. Some to make you go ohh, and some to pique your interest.

Thats brilliant, it will be very satisfying in the future to raise funds and awarness for them, i think well done to all involved… jay…foxy…cezar

All of a sudden I feel like we have to be responsible…

meeh, I am going to be a copper soon anyway, had to happen sometime I guess…

I look forward to doing charity things… lets get the ball rolling… whats on the Agenda?

Excellent work guys, gives me a warm glow inside that is satisfaction at being associated with a great team and cause (not the dodgy pasty I’ve just eaten).

Will defo be taking part for that, as a guy I knew in Reading through work had a heart attack while out and the HEMS crew got to him and got him to hospital in double quick time, where he sadly passed away soon after. At least the speed of response allowed every chance of saving him, and most importantly perhaps, it gave his loved ones time to be with him when he passed.

Top job and we should all get involved on this one.

Great stuff nice one peeps!

Good one!

Well done guys!!

For those artistic ones amongst us (that won’t be me, then…!), isn’t this an ideal opportunity to integrate the HEMS theme into the LB logo? Two worthy causes working together for one common good?

What do you think?

Well done Jay,Foxy and Cezar.

Linking up with the London Air Ambulance Service is great.I hope never to need their assistance but it`ll be rewarding
to think we at LB can make a differnce by supporting the cause and help save lives.

Good choice, guys!

Now, please arrange things a scooter can take part in… I’d hate to be left behind simply because my top speed is 50mph (because of the windscreen), and I’m the world’s worst pillion (I’m scared of speed…what a wimp!).

No worries, Paivi, we’re trying to draw in bikers of all types, so everything we do in future will take this into consideration and be designed to work as such. Thanks for the good words people, I’m so very enthusiastic about this, we can make a difference in so many regards.

Hey… Paivi… Your more than welcome to go pillion on mine… But I’m sure you’ll get a lot better offers than my one…

Thanks Foxy! I may have to take you up on the offer, perhaps not for the Jerez trip, though!

I suppose if I wear my full face helmet, nobody can hear me scream…

Thanks guys! I’m really proud of that choice. LB will soon have a wide range of T-shirts and other promotional materials for sale. Be sure that from everything you buy from us a percent of it will be going to London’s air ambulance. We will organise rideouts, meetings, dinners etc, in order to raise founds for LB. It all takes some time to plan but none of you will loose for the wait. We will make you proud! lol

Thank you very much for your support guys, we wouldn’t be here if wasn’t for you all !

I thank you in name of LB’s crew!


Thats a wonderful thing you did LB, perhaps we could do a charity run for example Ace Cafe to Lands End, Lands End to John O Groats and then From there Back to London Ace cafe

it’s only a thought

ride safe graham

Fantastic partnership, well done to all involved.

excellent news…well done LB. Now get them to use some of your stickers!

Well done Jay,Foxy and Cezar Linking up with the London Air Ambulance Service is a very good idea. I used to do SjJohns Ambullance work long time back had contact with them a few times a vary worthy cause

excellent choice, have had first hand experience of the air ambulance service but costal rather than city based, and those guys make a real difference to whether u live or die, they save vital seconds when a persons life hangs in the balance. anything i can do, let me kno

Excellent choice guys, nice one sorting it all out and I’m proud to be involved in whatever small way I can. Good work!

Fantastic choice … makes me feel proud!