The odd (decent) cagers

On my way to drop the bike off to be repaired the other day (batter and starter motor dead!) I realised that there was a big red BMW M3 behind me that was tucked well in and wasn’t making any move to overtake, even though the road was clear on the other side. Now, thinking he was an over-cautious driver, I pulled in far left to let him go past. Nothing. He stuck behind me, keeping to my 30mph pace all the way along the 50mph limit road.

When I moved into the right hand lane to cross the dual carrigeway, he hooted his horn at me. Thinking I was too far left and he wanted to get past, I drifted right further, but was met with more hooting. I turned my head to find out what his problem was and was met with the smiling face of the driver, putting his thumb up at me and mouthing ‘Good lad’. I then glanced behind him to see a long line of traffic.

This lovely man had been keeping all the pretentious and aggressive drivers from overtaking by not overtaking himself, basically watching my back for me.

Just thought it was something out of the box that you all might like to hear, just so we hate cagers that little bit less.

sweeet, nice fella!

get a few liek this, some indicator and move over in the lanes, i find it when working too with black cabs, some are kool and let me through, some even chat to me at the lights once they realise im not brazilian:D others should not be driving a cab…

same with vans and trucks, some good some bad, one things for sure i always anticipate the worse in them! cos you never know;)