The North West 200 - The Experience Series

LB sent two members (Hennessey & The Artist) to the North West 200 road-race in Northern Ireland this year to document their experience and give us all a better idea of what goes on at this brilliant, yet under publicised event. They had such a good time and had so much to write about that we’re publishing a three-part series of articles, plus two photo galleries.

Take the time to read the series, it’s a real eye-opener as to what goes on at this week-long event, i.e. it’s not all about racing, there’s a huge social aspect as well. Racing wise, there’s all classes and in the Superbike class you’ll see a lot of top BSB teams and riders. Ever wanted to see what a BSB Honda looks like at over 200mph on ordinary town roads? Go to the NW200.

Next year is the 80th anniversary of the NW200 and a great chance for us to go over there and experience it for ourselves. It’s an easy enough ride there via ferry.

As ever, leave your comments against the articles and photos.

The first article:

The galleries: