The new toy

Yep the Buell City X (XB9R ) 2005 5000miles


Gotta love the sound of those :slight_smile: Nice one! Look forward to seeing it…

Nice bike ! Not sure why there are passenger footpegs on it though ?!

Did you buy it off bikerboy?

Nice… I think the pillion pegs are for wheelies… or realy realy small @$$ed women (= no good) :smiley:

His was an '07 i think! :wink:

What’s the deal with the belt drive ?
There’s a BMW bike near work with a belt drive - why ?:unsure:

Very very nice:cool::wink:

So clean and shiney, nice one! :cool:

Very nice bike, I sat one in a showroom a while back but you couldnt see the bike until I got off :smiley:

blimey stew, your worse than me!!!:smiley: congrats!

no one is worse than you…

its a girls bike!!!:w00t:


very nice, i like the colour:D they have a mega short wheelbase! very compact looking…

Mmmmm Yeah nice one mate! Lol :wink:

Nice looks, great sound.

Last time I sat on one I could reach the headlights with my knees.

Sitting pillion :w00t:


HAHA i like it :smiley:

Unfortunately not :frowning: He could of had an immaculate 07 with 1.5 years worth of manufacturer warrenty left.