The New Tattoos

once more under the needle, well twice this time I guess.

My tattooist seems to have gone AWOL

I’ll have a crack.

lol, ok but first tell me you’re a tattooist ???

Nice pictures mate, still watching

I was a piercers apprentice for a while. Can’t be that hard can it

Ummm . . . much as I appreciate the offer bro, and admire your confidence, I think I’ll wait for my bloke to re-surface

awww, I just finished my new inking stick. McGyver style.

So that would be piece of wood, viciously sharpened at one end with something akin to a Bowie knife . . . and a bottle of indian ink?

well, yes.

Except it was a chicken bone, elastic banded onto the wood and a broken biro’s worth of ink.

You have no faith, I can tell.

Dude, why didn’t you say that in the first place . . . I’ll be straight down

cool, I’ll wash my hands

Wash your hands??

What kinda tattooist are you?

No way Im coming now


just give me the £50 and we’ll call it quits. Otherwise I’ll come to your house, sit on your sofa a and talk to you until you lose the will to live.

Ha! Dude, I’ve been married twice . . . being talked into submission holds no fear for me

And as if by magic . . my Tattooist has surfaced today after a 4 week absence

quick, go get inked.

run for your life its another “tattoo thread”

any excuse to get those cheeks out with you isn’t it?