The New Me!!

Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you…

The new me…


Lovely looking ride chap.

Blimey - a talking motorcycle!

And very lovely you look, too. However, as for the guy sitting you… :smiley:

Be that scorpian sounds good at 15,000 rpm :slight_smile:

ooh i do like a ninja…

Well done Liam:) Look forward to seeing you out on it soon:)

Class :slight_smile:

OOOOOOH what a luvly ninja oh … i always wanted one like that:D can i take her for a ride? pleeeeeaaaaase?:D:D:D

Nice one Liam, good step up from the CBR. Remember, rubber side down, shiny side up and pointed along the black bit… :smiley:

Im sure we could come to some sort of “agreement” haha