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The New BMW CE 04

I actually quite like the look of that. Very futuristic. Decent enough range for a scooter.

I like the helmet storage but the challenge will be what can fit. I remember the Honda nc750 had storage space in tank, but could only get up to size M lid, my XL had no hope.

Only thing I think it could do with is bigger visor for protecting from elements.

I really like it too. I love the design, it’s really clean and sci-fi inspired. I’m not sure how comfortable that seat is though! Mind you, it’s a commuter, you’re not mean to be on it too long. Might have to ask for a test-ride.

Can you shrink your head down @Serrisan? :slight_smile:

Don’t see why not. It’s hollow inside

Does that seat double as an iron board to remove creases from your shirt when you arrive at work?

New company, new policy… People turned up in shorts :rofl:

No more.ironing