The New Ace Cafe Racer!

The Ace Cafe recently launched their SS-Cycle powered Cafe Racer limited-edition bike. LB went along and covered the launch. Here’s the article + gallery. What do you think?



Very nice, I’m more into “plastic bikes” but I realy do like that one.

lovely looking bike

Ogri’s Bike lives:w00t:

Damn, that’s exactly it, isn’t it?

Wonder what the price tag says?

Lovely, i’v always liked cafe racers based on the norton wideline chassis which they seem to have heavily imitated , good to see they didnt get carried away and copy the roadholder forks though.
I dont see how they can call any of it new tho, its all been done before .
And build quality 2nd to none ??..that is a very contentious statement.

Having said that it looks to be a good mix of old and new and if i had loads of money it would be on my shortlist :slight_smile:

I’d have one. You could start a riot with that thing.

I’m not liking the way the header pipes are fabricated rather than bent but on the whole i like it:)

And it has a proper engine configuration;)

That’s quite nice actually, but forgive my ignorance but what does the SS-Cycle in “SS-Cycle powered Cafe Racer” stand for or mean?

Don’t know ,but they are one of the more popular harley engine copyists.
quite a lot of the ‘Harley’ engined custom bikes/chops seen around the show circuit are not harley at all.
Not a cheap ‘copy’ tho; these are quality engineered engines in a range of capacities and states of tune used by top custom builders.

THUMP THUMP…:smiley:

tis alright tho init, loving the Ogri connection:):w00t:

Yea ,i wasn’t sure about the welded pipes at first but they do lend a bit of a hardcore feel.

As zeph11 says, SS-Cycle are engine builders. They launched this new big thumper engine at the Ace Cafe recently.

Hummm not my type of bike but i must say i quite like that

Im not going to give the price away just yet as it might change slighty, but if you want one, you can forget Ducati 1098R money and aim closer to the Desmosedici RR price tag.But if you want a bike like this money should be the last thing you think about.:w00t:

how many spokes is that? :hehe:

Essentially Kev, S&S build custom engines based on the Harley V-Twin, or rather replacements for the factory V-twin that’s fitted to most Harleys. The engines are usually overbored to increase the capacity and then tuned to give more and varying bhp dependent on how much power and how much money you want to spend. They also supply all manor of tuning and dress up parts for Harley motors.

As Zeph says they get used a lot in custom Harley builds (choppers, lowriders) plus of course they look very impressive compared to most engines as they are generally fully polished motors, which is kinda what you want in a custom bike. :smiley:

I’m not sure about the Ace Cafe Racer, I like the idea and I do like old cafe racers but for me there’s too many contradictions with this bike. Surely a modern take on the cafe racer style should be consistent? Period style tank/seat unit, modern forks and pipes, and nope I’m not keen on the sectioned pipes, even if the tig(?) welding is superb.

Hats of to them for buliding it, I’m sure the quality speaks for itself but I’d rather have the bobber or the Triton that belong to our very own LB members.

really love it but is it me or does the swing arm look like it needs to be and inch longer! Everything looks like its fighting to fit between the wheel and frame.