The New 2008 CBR1000RR Fireblade

We’ve just published a gallery with a ton of high-def photos in for the new Fireblade:

The bike’s growing on me the more I see it, especially after seeing Carlos Checa zoomify the thing in WSB! Thoughts?

I think it looks stunning :slight_smile: Needs the rear tow bar removing but how can this be anything other that perfect ?

like the white n black one but WHAT is going on with the rear end, is that for a bet ?

It’s motogp, baby :slight_smile:


Not right at all

test drove one today from Lagunas in Maidstone.

awesome bit of kit although i’m wondering why the bikes are getting smaller even though the bikers are getting bigger :blush:


Does anyone else think that the black and red one looks like one that has been crashed and repaired with non-matching tank?

It does look like a cut and shunt in those colours. Otherwise I think it is a pretty sweet (cooool use of the word) looking bike. I like the understated styling and the arse can easily be fixed with a dremel and some superglue.

I think the only colour that looks good is the white and black. The red, although it looks warm and nice in these photographs, is actually closer to the VFR 800 red in real life. The black makes this already small bike look even smaller and I think it was a BIG mistake putting the black one on the stand at the London show cos it looked so insignificant.

It’s not pretty, and I couldn’t justify it’s bad looks to other bikers everytime I rode it, but I’ve not heard one report that doesn’t rave about the way it rides.

Let’s hope some better colour schemes come out during the year.

I rather like the Black and White scheme, if you remove the gantry off the tail unit I think it looks pretty sharp…

Oh god no, I’ve just realised I have looked favourably at a Honda…I feel so dirty…like I’ve cheated on my Zuki’s…usually just looking at Hondas make me think of doing the gardening in slippers and complaining about rheumatoid arthritis…

Aww bless, group (((HUG))) for GG, never mind mate us 'zooki owners wont hold it against you for getting weird over a h***a !! but you are sentanced to take ya bike out and give it good thrashing to banish the demons. :):D:D