The National Motorcycle Rally

This year see’s the 75th Anniversary of the national rally. For those unfamiliar with the concept of the rally, it is a challenge that takes place over a 24hour period in which you travel between checkpoints scattered around england. The higher the millage covered the higher the reward. The top award is normally capped at 520miles. This year the rally finishes at Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes. You can start the National Road Rally from a number of different controls around the country. The location of the controls are normally released 2 weeks prior to the start of the rally to allow individual routes to be planned.

The rally takes place on the 5th and 6th of July.

**The National Road Rally Website is ** There is also a welsh rally that takes place on 10th May. The entry form can be obtained from the clivemcc website **The Welsh Rally website is ** Lastly the scottish rally takes place later in the year at the begining of September . It is still to early for registering and information is not widely available on the net for this one. Instead for more infomation about the Scottish Rally you will need to resort to sending a stamped addressed envelope to Mr Colin Pate, 45 Elmwood Park, Deans, Livingstone, EH54 8SP. All of the rally’s require pre-registering by post which needs to be done atleast a month prior to the start. I’m not an organiser Just a competitor sharing knowledge of the events. I hope to see more bikes with london-biker stickers on this year. It is not only a personal challenge but also a great way to see the country we live in and meet fellow bikers outside of the captial.

I’ve signed up for the national rally. It’s my first time so I would certainly welcome some insight from an old hand re what to expect, how to go about route planning (and how this has changed in the satnav era), pitfalls etc.

So the winner is the one who gets lost the most? This is one for Ben;):smiley:

Hi Count. I am also relatively new to the rally. This will be my third year and 2nd national (Last years was cancelled due to lack of numbers). a couple of weeks prior to the start of the rally you will get the matrix of checkpoints. This single A4 sheet shows the checkpoints which are roughly placed within an outline of england the map also shows the network between the checkpoints.

The connections between checkpoints are indicated by lines between the checkpoints which also show the millage that will be added to your running total if you ride that connection. you can only visit a checkpoint once. The actual route you choose between the checkpoints is up to you. The average journey between checkpoints is 25 miles so we normally swap the printed Googlemap that I have attached to my back whilst getting the card stamped by the checkpoint. (I don’t have a sat nav so rely on navigation from my wife who rides pillion)

Each checkpoint in the rally has a unique number which is shown on the map. The number is also used to look the checkpoint up on a seperate sheet that gives more information about the checkpoint such as it’s name, The mc club that is manning it, When the check point opens and closes, the facilities offered (fuel, toilets, food etc…) and a brief description as to where it can be found. Postcodes or exact map references arn’t generally given but the checkpoints tend to be in areas easly spotted from the road.

What you will need to decide first is the award you wish to accomplish.

This year for the full rally (20 hours) they have 6 awards:

Finisher (Min 200 miles)

Bronze (Min 300 miles)

Silver (Min 400 miles)

Gold (Min 500 Max 540 miles)

Special Gold (540 miles exactly + Max number of checkpoints)

Platinum. (540 miles + Max number of checkpoints + special test)

The controls will open between 2pm on Saturday until 930am on Sunday.

The finish control opens at 7:30 am on Sunday and closes at 10am on Sunday.

The special test is completed at the finish I believe on a seperate date. You will need to check the site for more details if it’s something your interested in.

This year. My wife and I are aiming for Gold. We will probably make use of the fact the controls don’t open until 2pm to travel as far north as possible before making our way back home. The finish is only an hours ride from our house so we will plan our first days journey to finish close to home at around 11pm where we will rest for the night before continuing on sunday morning to mop up any additionally required checkpoints on the way to the finish. This strategy depends alot on the position of the controls. we expect to travel somewhere between 900-1000 miles over the weekendIf your not used to long periods in the saddle I would pick an award and then opt for the one below.

The millage is worked out by totting up the distance allocated by the organisers between the checkpoints visited rather than the actual distance travelled. So I don’t think Ben will be at an advantage on this one :slight_smile:

Cheers for all the info Dan. I knew the format before I signed up but that’s the first time I’ve seen an impression of how the checkpoint map looks.

just entered it with a mate from work. never done anything like this before but it should be a laugh/painful :smiley:

that is one for Jetstream… He does more mileage than that on any giving weekend…

Entered today, will be my third.

Got Bronze and Silver, going for Gold this year

Received final instructions today. Now to plan my route