The National Bikesafe Show 2008




looks good! how do i get there?? is it near ace?

We are trying to organise a marshalled ride-in to the Event from Box Hill via the Ace on the Sunday. We’ll get back to ya once we have sorted everything.


Its only a few hundred yards off the A41 in Hendon,very easy to get to.

a ride in to it sounds good, despite it being easy broady, i will probably get lost! ;(,-0.240626&spn=0.01221,0.028925&z=15&om=0

nice one jonny!:smiley:

not trying to nick ya thunder here jonny but just stuck a poll up to see if can get feed back on whose going and when :slight_smile:

No probs Brah :cool: The more people that know about it the better!!

I’m hopeing to get there for the Sunday


hoping to get there sunday as well, be good to meet up with peeps pm me if ya want moby num :slight_smile:

We’ll probably have something there as well.


will prob join you guys on the sunday … it’d be nice to meet some fellow members :smiley:

I’ll be there

which day?

sounds good though.


shame it’s on my birthday i’ll try and duck out for a bit though

your birthday both days is it ?

sundays looking good to go, are peeps just gonna meet there or somewhere first and ride up there together ?

yup cause i’m extra special:P really though it’s on sunday when everyone is planning on going. hell it’s my birthday though i can do what i want:cool: