the national bikesafe motorcycle show

we went to this last year , and my little boy was desprate to go round on the mud but was to little he should be ok this time as he has his pw50 he has been practicing on we will be going again but in the car

Only when it sunny and warmish outside… otherwise it’s just not that fun…:smiley:

excellent! tho the bikes they was using were geared. maybe speak to the guys one might take him round, they were top fella’s so cant see no harm in trying:)


nah cant be arsed…


Not long to go !!:smiley:

o yeah forgot about Ratty getting done by Garret last year, i am sure there is something garret has not told us about his off roading skills as they are a lot lot better than his on road skills, i stood there shocked lol

Dave is going in the car this year as he has the kids…I on the other hand am meeting a few peeps at the Ace for 1000hrs breaky and then we’re heading down the road to Hendon afterwards.
Anyone planning on doing the same?

This is a great day folks …and its free …dont miss it

Wow that came up quickly. I should be there on Saturday.

As mentioned before…

I’ll be going with some m8s on the Saturday and meeting at the Ace Cafe for breaky at 1000hrs. We’re heading to Hendon for about noon. So people are more than welcome to join us.

Little bit more info…

On the Sunday, I’ll be there all day as I’m helping out on the GirlsBike2 stand!! So if you’re there pop in and say “Hi!”…ya canna miss me…I’m the fat Bird! :w00t::smiley:

Think me and Curtis will be coming along to this now as there is no LB BBQ so see you all there, we will come and say hi to ya Jools :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to help out the LAA for an hour while they are there - have a look here!

Cheers Tiggi! :smiley:

Oooh, Sunday looks like a goer for me. Anybody else going Sunday?

I’ll be there prob from about 1:30 but in a cage unfortunately, have to drop my daughter off first. Well done on the exam btw.

Hmmm me n miz_lilax are heading up on Saturday on the bike :smiley: might pop in at the ace for brekkie tho

Well, I’ll be competing against Jools for fat bird prize on the GB2 stand, and as it’s my stand, I win :smiley:

So if your passing by, just shout hello (I know I’m on here rarely, I’m mainly on the SV forum, but I refer so may folks to this forum it’s like a holiday home to me :slight_smile: )

Let’s just hope we have better weather than last year :w00t: (The mud still haunts me)


You FAT!? Give over woman! :smiley:

I am hoping to be there on Saturday if at all possible. Trying to wrangle a “get out of home” card from the wife!

i’m there both days:) shows at 1500hrs but no fire jump cos its on the footie pitch:P:P