the national bikesafe motorcycle show

at The Metropolitan Police Training Centre, Hendon,NW9

visit for more details.

free entry - free parking

Cool, we could run a BCR down there!:w00t:

This was good last year.
Despite the rain :wink:

(so says king of the monkey-bike!)

I went last year and I’d totally recommend going to this show. It’s considerably different to the NEC, Excel and Alexandra Palace because it’s hosted in a field out in the open that belongs to the fuzz. The atmosphere is really friendly. I got to do some cool things like sit in a truck and see how difficult it is for them to see bikers.

i’ll be up for this was a good show last year :cool:

KING!? hahahahahaha sorry i just fell over laughing!:smiley:

defo go again…thjo it feels odd being surrounded by that many old bill!!..and none shouting…OI!! YOU GET DOWN NOW!! YOUR NICKED!’ lol:D:D:D:D

Nice to see you kicking some arse! lol. :stuck_out_tongue: I remember that, what a great day. :slight_smile:

I’ll try and make this one, last years looked good !

Last year was really good especially considering the entrance fee!! :smiley:

Let’s hope this year the weather’s better. It was just a tad windy!!

I remember the mud, and the hangover that I had from the night before!

+1 LOL!:smiley:

Sounds good, think I’ll pencil that in to the social diary…

I heard this was a good show last year but I didn’t make it, def gonna make it this year :slight_smile:

We went last year and it was a top day! I finish shift on the Friday night so I’ll be there one of those day! :smiley:
Dave has the kids so if he goes it’ll be in the car!

its ok, i’ll get my re-match this year:D and then i’ll have to kick his ass at brands!:stuck_out_tongue:

lurve you really garret (when you gonan grind dem sliders boy!)

that was a great day…:slight_smile:


sorry mods…

Nope… just thinking that more of a general comment… now there is proof!:smiley: Just wish i was there to see it!:stuck_out_tongue:

Well done Garret!! I’m sure you will get a re match this year:w00t:

oh i will if they are there again.

general comment my ass…

its all good, Dani will kick your ass(on the bkes of course)… i will be there to see that;)

oh and btw…Garret passed me when i had stopped and had a lap or 2 infront before i started:D:P

anyway it was fun…

She will more than likely will kick my ass, as i haven’t been back on the bike for ages for many other various commitments.:Whistling:

But it’s all about having fun on the bike, not about competing for me.:smiley:

well your either a biker…or ya not…:Whistling: