The motorway speed camera that is causing accidents

Sorry if this has been done?

But I have only just seen it…

Going back a fair few years now but they put up a new speed camera up by where i live, a car saw it and had to slow down quickly then a police car went up its ass cause it was speeding too :w00t:

SneakyMcC (06/01/2009)

Sorry if this has been done?

But I have only just seen it…[/quote]

yep know it well had to slam the brakes on the lorry a few times cos cars flying along then realise its there!!!

storys like this boil my ****, its blatant evidence that the only reason it hasnt been taken down is due to amount of fines it hands out all day, 500 a day and the accident figure has risen 25% since installing it. And we are told the whole point of speed cameras is to reduce accidents certainly not the case there.

What’s really worrying is Sneaky reading the Daily Mail…


The article, as usual in the Daily Fascist, is ********. And Mr Pearson can feck off.

I pass this way every day, and have done for years. The camera gets the traffic speeds down very effectively before lanes 2 and 3 merge. This IS a dangerous section, and not because of the camera. There have been bike fatalities - I know of at least 2 in the last couple of years, including a police officer on his way to work - as cagers swap lanes with little regard for anyone else. There was a biker down on that stretch just a few weeks ago, as it happens. And I have not seen, or know of, one single accident on the approach to the camera only in the merging and then the following 2-lane stretch.

And anyway, the simple answer to stop “scameras” (as some like to call them) raking in the money is not to fecking speed past them, innit? And it is not as if this camera is a new one, either.

QUOTE: A Highways Agency spokesman said: ‘The accident data does not show a pattern of accidents which would be consistent with the camera itself being a factor.’

Strange how they always tell us the opposite when they put a camera in and the accident figures drop!!!

It’s nice to know there is one true law abiding citizen out there Pug, i trust you wear a cape and never do anything thats illegal ever…

Know it well. Its not like theres no signage their either. Ive nearly been caught there myself. Dont generally agree with speed cameras for a number of reasons but tbh if I had been more observant, read the road conditions and signage better then I would not have been placed in that situation.

As it stands were still allowed to think, play and get slapped on the wrist. With average speed cameras everyone is doomed to a life of monotonous boredom and loss of concentration :frowning:

Don’t get me started on average speed camera’s, there has been one on the M3 at the M25 heading south for nearly 2 years now and it has no purpose other than to snarl up traffic at rush hour times, its a bloody waste of time.

Yawn. Did you type that yourself, or was it a cut & paste from an anti-scamera website?

I never said a word about me, except that I ride that route. Maybe I do speed, maybe I don’t. But if I do, and if I get caught, I won’t be bleating about it. My own personal view on speeding - if it matters - is that it’s not the cameras that are the trouble, it is the speed limits. Arguably every single law in place should be rigorously enforced. Whether that means a person gets just a ticking off or ultimately goes to jail, will depend on the crime and the circumstances. My beef is with unjust laws, such as ridiculous speed limits set by ignorant feckwits.

Back on topic: the article is all about money raising from cameras, whereas I was pointing out that it is obvious to anyone with an ounce of sense who uses that road that the camera has a positive safety affect. In this case, on this road, the speed limit and its enforcement are absolutely right.

Alright alright put your handbag down:D

Don’t ride that way don’t know the area and so never seen the camera so really can’t comment, agree if its been there for years then if anyone using that route gets caught then they must be dumb.

If the accident level had fallen then i would say it was doing its job but seeing as the accidents have gone up then how can it be justified…

IIRC that camera has been there for about 15 years, so why the big fuss now?

Fug know’s but its giving me something to do on a slow day at work:P

There were camera just up the road from that one, and they were removed?? Why not this one?

that and if we all get that kit from BMW… the one they had on Top gear where that BMW drove around teh circuit on its own… now imagine that… you can get drunk and you can still get home safe and sound:):slight_smile: no one will need driving licenses and we will talk on teh phone, eat, apply makup and whatever else when in the car:):slight_smile:

been past teh M11 camera many times…how can you not see it??? theres no cameras on the M-Way…just the one before you get near A406…

i hate cameras but still…how can peopple NOT see it…they fugging blind!?

ah fug it…lets go burn it:D


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