The motojournal (.fr) guys are at it again!!

the crazy french guys are back*!!

Pan, that’s awesome!! I love it! Man I wish we had weather, roads and tracks like that! Sigh :slight_smile:

Crazy, crazy guys :slight_smile:

i know… and to think that my hometown has the best test track in greece :frowning:

and that is?


even schwantz thinksits a good circuit :wink: (go to 6:09)

Ah I’ve heard good things… :smiley:

Ok fancy a ride down there? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

what would solve the prob of never having my bike with me when im home :smiley:

a supermoto will make you feel like a kid again :slight_smile:

If my finances and my move to Epsom are reasonable I’m getting a DRZ :smiley:

But will have to wait for a bit until I get settled there… the money for the bike exists - it’s just that I don’t know if I can afford to run it! :frowning:

was that a whole load of Gissers on the track???:D:D

I sooo wanna do a TD! Gotta pay off the bike before I trash it:crying:

Looked like it… GSR is quite popular in greece… :slight_smile: