The Moto Mission.

Ladies,Gentleman,Fisherman, People of London The Moto is on another one of his famous missions.I have conquered countrys across the world and as some of you know I recently went on a mission to bring the Pony and Trap back onto the roads of England and guess what? I suceeded…The lanes of Kent have seen an increase in pony and traps Horsecom have reported. I also bought the Robot dance back a few years ago when I showed Crouchy how to BUST A MOVE GET A MOVE…That was a little bit like a chesney hawks though (One Hit Wonder)

Now my next mission is to bring back the Poddington Pea dance…I am gonna trial it saturday night see how the crowd reacts to me (They normally go wild)…My mission is to get this back onto the dance floors of britain,.But my pal even agrees with me that if I can pull this one off then this is going to be the making of the Moto-King…LondonBikers!! My time will come!!!

I want to see you all busting this dance at the tea hut… You never know I might turn up and show you my moves :wink: Mind you last time mate did these moves they sectioned him under the mental health act and he spent a week in the maudsley.Spoke to a good pal of mine actually. Neg…His on Balls of Steel…Said he might look into this aswell fancies doing it on the show…

Look at 0:18 is Smasher with some cookies :laugh:

That was out of order Moto

I remember when you brought back video dating…

Smiled intercepted the actual video Motobloke sent too Sophie-errr6 and will now share in this here forum…:smiley:


:laugh: FFS why you gone and shown em that man? I was right in there with FreeBiatchbaby…Like Totally in there!!

Not anymore she ain’t gonna want me now!!

“We are crazy and Barmby,MotoKing’s Barmy Army”

shane yet again :smiley: that was frigging hilarious with out a doubt how i picture moto-king lmfa

and moto i’ve drove a trap …and got held up by /see two last sunday one fella driving looked like the dude above ^

I wnat ta apoligizr fro dis treahd,my pony hassss beeen ill and theee vet lefft somethging colled Ketanest in my kitchen and ive put in in my latte thought it was vianalia flavouring…

I feeeeeeel reallllll dizzzzzzzzzy mannnnnnnnnnn



Moto, I’ve done a bit of lurking and you’ve cracked onto nearly every bird on here.

I thought you were a ‘top boy’…?

Your daaa olny one who hass every understooodo meee

Im sorry to say this, but your too late, Ive been dancing like that for years…:laugh:

If you two have a thing going on then I’ll stand down. I don’t do other gal’s guys - that’s out of order in my book.

Don’t be silly, it’s just banter!

‘nearly’ hahahahahahha he missed one ?

Yeah don’t be silly…

I’ll see ya in london…I’ll be there…I’ll meet you at Camden Town? By the under ground?

I’ll wear me tuxedo

I’m not a massive fan Camden unless I’m out for a huge night.

This is low key, man. No pressure. I’m not a fan of fuss. Come to the gallery with me, or meet me in central afterwards.

I’m still waiting to hear back from the service centre, so I may have bike duties on Saturday, but Sunday is good for me also. Will let you know.

Sunday roast at yours sounds fantastic to!

You cook as well? Wow. What a catch.

Yeah I am…Mate “Top Boys” Don’t sit on there hands you no…Thats what makes them the daddys…They do the mover…No Fear…

I don’t just wanna be a face in the crowd your gonna hear my voice when I shout out loud…

Scrub up nice Moto, Carmel`s a top bird.

No shame in doing a gallery, it`s not like you have to know about Heironymous Bosch or anything subtle.

Just rock up and say the first portrait looks like yer gran and burst into tears. It`s always a good start. Hold off telling the reason till the second gallery then sit down and sob a while.

Explain to FBB your gran died in circumstances you are not prepared to divulge unless FBB goes all the way.

Take her for a coffee in the gallery cafe and explain your lack of empathy towards art.

Then follow her like a puppy round the rest of the gallery asking questions and listening to her replies.

Finally, take her for a drink in a Sports bar and sit with your back to the big screen looking for all the world as if you`re interested in a conversation.

Final point, get a missed call, say it was about tonight, then ignore it.

wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ear we go again:Whistling:

You’ve done this before… :stuck_out_tongue: