The most dangerous road in London - Nominations

I’m voting for the A11, Whitechappel to Bow. If it’s not the traffic islands jumping out at you, its a multitude of cyclists or the random populace, excited from their market purchases, eager to get home and show the loved ones… cnuts.


Dangerous for who? Oxford street rarely puts me in much danger, but most days someone tries to get hit by me.


So your voting Oxford street yes?

1 Tooley St towards London Bridge
2 junction of London Wall and Bishopsgate

Both because of pedestrians.

Jumping traffic islands do sound dangerous.
Few stats here

Commercial Street, Aldgate.

Shaftesbury Avenue is pretty dreadful.

Old Kent Road/East Street junction southbound (Northbound fine as you can use bus lane but watch out gatso about)

Off the Dover Street roundabout southbound alongside the flyover into Old Kent Road - Is it World Upside Down pub on the left?, first traffic light all lanes flick left to accommodate the right turn lane. Flyover and slip road traffic merge causing a free for all for cars to filter into any space at any angle then those in the leftmost lane realised they are queuing behind parked cars and force everyone the other way.

All have the potential to be lethal but then again its not the roads its the Users of that space !

Another vote for Commercial Street, Aldgate.

Lots and lots and lots of side roads, with cars parked that pull out without looking, mostly 4 lanes with people deciding to cross everywhere and anywhere.

My vote goes to shorditch high street especially post midnight. Too many pissed hipsters.

I vote for this road/location:

Yep that is a Soviet T-34 Tank. :smiley:

I vote for the A11, Whitechapel - Baghdad - Bow - Stratford… Absolutely insane traffic wise and suicide pedestrians everywhere (no pun intended)

I vote for A11 as well. Now with all those fancy cycle lines and other obstacles on the road.
Second choice is A40 and last but not least A13.

Another one for Commercial St. Aldgate, but also Holborn Circus junction as well.

A40 meat grinder, always lots of idiots out at rush hour, not experienced the others
@wildboy pedestrians? Just hit them, they’re far more resilient than you’d think😏

Have to agree about the stretch between Bow and Aldgate. With the current roadworks it’s a nightmare every morning and evening. Commercial road between Aldgate and Shoreditch is awful too mainly because of how narrow it is.

Cannon st. is a bit poo, in fact, anywhere with peds :stuck_out_tongue:

Hyde park corner? its pretty bad there.

Vauxhall and Elephant castle way?