The missus did CSS - she's chuffed to bits!

took her up to silverstone yesterday for her Level 1 at California Superbike School

lucked out weather wise, great day for it despite a damp start. She cant wait to do her next level and trackdays

massive improvement in riding control, and they picked up on a ‘slight’ tendancy to load the front a bit too hard into the hairpin and push the front, which susie didn’t seem alarmed about at all :blink:

(first 2 pics are mine, 3rd is from the CSS photographer)





Nice one, just gotta get that arse off now.:slight_smile:

Awesome stuff Ben, great shots, is that her bike or a rental from CSS? :slight_smile:

Great photos. Sounds like she did really well… Not jealous at all… :wink:

Go Susie :smiley: Looks like she done really well.

she’s doing great, really proud of her. She only got her full licence in feb, and only got a ‘proper’ bike a couple of months ago (no disrespect to the VanVan naturally).

its her bike Tim. its a 2008 SE. I took her mirrors off, and her plate. she’s got the full GB racing protection kit on there but otherwise standard. IMHO she’s in need a new rear tyre sooner rather than later. That supercorsa is looking decidedly square (from the last owner i might add). the front’s a new one.

the body positioning thing is in later levels altho I might give her some help getting used to the idea as it’ll be next year before more CSS. more importantly we need to sort blip shifting as her gear changes as she’s making the back snake WAY too often at the moment :w00t:

i’m ‘considering’ doing CSS myself. its just such a lot of money given the improvements will be great but far more marginal than for Susie. we’ll see.

on a slightly different note, i was gobsmacked at how bad some of the riders in Group 1 were, considering the machinery they are on.

I saw a few people on litre bikes especially that had horrifically low levels of control of their machines (and in one case the individual had been riding for 12 years!!!). I guess thats the fundamentally issue between passing a bike test and being able to actually ride well.

** Was Frenchie there ? :smiley:


I tell you what, having done the haslam premier half day, they actually teach you nothing. Its down to the individual to ask questions. great if you know what you dont know…After reading through totw vol II and the level of detail and reviews here I would have done well to do CSS lev1 before doing any trackdays. This on my next list of things to do next.

Thanks for the write up amd photos look great.The sliding around sounds :crazy: but go on girl :w00t:

She looks fantastic on that bike. Impressive lean for her first time. I’m jealous. Well done Susie :smiley:

Wow! That’s impressive lean… definitely enough to get the knee down if she wanted to!

Having done CSS 1 - 3 in Oz, I found CSS 1 & 3 to be the most beneficial. CSS 2 is all about vision and is probably great in the long run but the immediate results weren’t there for me. Overall, highly recommend the program though it is quite costly.

i’ve passed on the compliments :wink:

just found my copies of the TWOTW books so think i’m going to have a little re-read refresher myself. always stuff you can improve on!

Good work lady!

BTW - is she talking like a robot yet? :wink:

Very impressive!!

Nice one.

You don’t rate CSS then? :wink:

I think it’s good to try different schools, but CSS gives a good grounding.

Nice one, i loved doing my level 1 CSS years ago, got loads from it. Would recommend it to everybody (newish riders)

Anyone who buys a new super sports bike should be given a training course free even if its just a day - a decent one. That is, more than just ride around following an instructor.

very good lean angle with a squared off rear tyre… i`m impressed :smiley:
i rekon suzi will be showing you up pretty soon m8 :cool:

As long as she doesn’t grass cut the way you do I’ll be happy;)

I think the nagging has almost paid off and she’s doing to replace the three with some that are actually round. She’s in for a shock:cool:

We might do brands on 1st nov so she may get a chance to try out the track on her own before the year is out