The Memorial ride out

This is advanced warning that the memorial ride out held last year to remember Ali (full throttle) will be held this year on Sunday August the 5th. This is not an LB exclusive event and is likely to go to Southend again. Please make this ride if you can.

I hope to be there on this one again as it’s on a Sunday


i would like to be there too.

I’ll be there - was a great run out this - sorry last - year.


I’ll be there. Will need reminding nearer the time though!

if i am in the country i will be there…

Oh my… it’s the weekend after the Rock and Blues Festival. OK, if I’m in any fit state by then and if I can ride in a straight line I’ll be there.

As always, I’m happy to corner mark

LF x

I know that this ride out is the same day as street fighter sundaty, but Sam (Snap) is organising it and wants it on this day. By way of background Sam’s friend and LB member Ali (full throttle) was killed in a bike accident last year at about this time and a ride was held last summer in memoriam.

This ride out is now as I understand it to commemorate more then our and Ali’s lost friend so if you can make it and or don’t fancy watching stunting at the ACE then this is for you.

Thanks for putting the post up Dan and what you write is all true. If you want to find out about Ali or about last years ride, do a search as there’s plenty of info on the forum.

I didnt realise that the chosen day fell on the same day as SFS at ace. Despite that we will still be doing the rideout on that day. If last years SFS was anything to go by, I know we’ll have more fun the rideout like we did last year.

And as Dan said, this rideout would not be solely in memory of Ali but for any fallen heros the we the biking community have lost. So if anyone wants to say a few words on the day, please let me know.

Like last years ride, we rode in memory of our fallen friend but its meant to be a fun day out. And as last year, there will be 3 groups so everybody can feel comfortable on the ride, i’ll put some more info soon. So come on people make sure you keep that day free so you can join us.

Cheers Sam.

Both AbbeyJ and I will be there Snap; this is where I started to meet people at LB as I found my way over from another site courtesy of you.

This was also my first meeting with AbbeyJ too so holds a fond memory for us both.

This was a very well organised event last year, a whole lot of fun with the fast group setting of first and getting overtaken on route by the medium paced group - something about going off course or just not being fast enough…hehehehe!!!

Anyways, loads of fun, great weather and lots of peeps.

See you all on the 5th.


I’ll be there

Nice one Jerome. I remember that you were the only on from McnNinjas to come on the ride. And Kim, you’ve got a top bloke there, dont know him well but he rides a green kawasaki and that speaks for itself and leaves me to conclude that he’s got his head screwed on.

Thanks guys for keeping that day free for the ride.

Keti - PM’ed you.

Cheers chick, I’ll get back to you about that one.

I will be there for this one too ! But please put out reminder nearer the day…this will be a good run. I can either meet u guys on route or i might just make the run down to the ace or wherever u guys are gonna go from? Im more at southend way but dont mind the ride !!

Hi Blade - have a looksee at last years ride out as the route is going to be the same and the setup will be similar too. Will be good to see you on the ride so pls try and make it at the start.

ill be there

I was out of the country last year so will try and make it this year

that will be our anniversary of meeting too! xxx

Awww, bless ya