The McGregor Effect

I’m mainly jealous.

That’s very cool !

Much like our Russia Trip next year (except we’re not going as far, or for as long, or to America… actually it’s nothing like Russia!)


I really want to do something significant like this, not around the whole world, but take 3 months out and “do” Europe.

funnily enough there’s 3 of us heading off to Russia via most of Europe next year for 3 weeks - the year after that I plan to do a 3 monther.


sadly finances and job would restrict me.

Unless I win stuff.

Yes I know what you mean - 3 weeks is starting to cost a fortune once you count our mech and russian courses!


when next year?

about this time - I would send you a link to the website but it’s not finished yet.


I’ve been inspired.

I’m taking the long way down to Romsey tomorrow.

Theres just something about long holidays on bikes that makes you feel I dunno very alive. Not sure if thats the right word but been touring a few times and the sense of achievement you get from it is over whelming