The Long Way Round - M25 Run

No we f*cking dont!

why cos its about motorbikes we all have to support it? dont think so.

I agree,
The problem is that they are really pssing off the normal travelling/working public who really could not give a sht whether or not we have to pay for parking in W.C.C. If your problem is with W.C.C. then take direct action against them and not the public. What do people on the M25 care about Central London why the F*ck do you think they are on the M25 to go around London DOOH!:angry:


Haha. Thanks folks!

Just to repeat, this is just a ride around the M25, not an attempt to block it.

It will probably cause as much disruption as any organised ride on public roads.

Ride safe.

I actually agree with a lot of what you are saying tbh and I’ve been making moves, along with others to introduce some changes to things.

I’m hoping we can refocus things so that we are targeting WCC more directly. Currently people are talking about meeting up at WCC for the weekly events and it’s been suggested that rather than hitting Trafalgar Square, we just take a steady ride through Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square to the pub for a meet up, with perhaps something more targeted on a monthly basis.

There does seem to be a general feeling that the weekly Trafalgar Square demos have perhaps had their day.

I do disagree with the idea that the action the campaign group takes, threatens bus lane access or gives bikers a bad name though. Personally, I think the cyclist lobby groups represent a greater threat to bus lanes and bikers don’t have much of a good name anyway, speeding around all over the place. But I do think the demonstrations have divided opinion a lot and it is important, I think, to have as much of a united front as possible.

I don’t mind discussing any ideas people have to improve the campaign.

I’m only the messenger mind you :wink:

i fucking support this…i’m in!!!:slight_smile:


I’m on my phone so can’t see the original post in full, but is this people kicking up about paying £1 to park so in “protest” are spending a whole day of their life and probably £30+ on fuel riding round the most boring road in England??? Craziness.

No charge from a local council that costs £1 will ever be worth a day of my time cheers

but it will be over by the time you get there:w00t::hehe::hehe:

Had there day, too fcking right they have, you all got on your high hoirses when boris told yout o stop and about the bus lanes etc, 1 of the days i could not get to work cos of the traffic disruption i am a biker/motorcyclist and i would not have been as polite as boris towards you bunch of wnkers.

i know quoting this we will get all the stars etc but how the f*ck can he write swear words when the mods etc should be setting an example!its petty that swear words get censored anyway, “Ooo no cant have swear words on my screen at work” b0ll0x!

That’s what I was hoping this post was about!!

To be honest, I’m struggling to see your point amongst the personal insults.

I’m sorry you couldn’t get to work one day.

I had no idea that 30 bikes could cause such disruption that would prevent motorcycles passing through, although there have been days when it’s difficult to even get onto the Trafalgar roundabout because of traffic problems cause by broken down cars, student protests, security alerts, royal wedding practises, roadworks, and everything else that Westminster has to offer. In fact, there have been times when the campaign have not held protests in agreement with the police because of traffic problems - when lanes were shut off at Trafalgar Square because of gas works.

But ultimately, Westminster decided to charge for motorcycle parking and seem to have been quite ignorant towards opposing views. The reason they are charging, according to their FAQ page, is to reduce the numbers of motorcycles, which surely means there will be fewer bikes. That means parking will be easier for those who remain, I agree. And for £1 a day (or less) I can see why some might think it’s a price worth paying (as long as your mobile is charged up). Perhaps even at £5 a day, some might not mind paying to be able to find a space.

But ultimately, if motorcycles are reduced, there is more pressure on the roads and public transport. Ok, people might not jump into cars, as they are even more pricey, but more taxis and buses will appear. And who knows… perhaps the council might decide that some of these bays are no longer required and should be turned over to cars at £8 an hour. So the streets will get more congested - which is the point the demo’s have been trying to make.

But maybe that point has been made and it’s time to try something else, with an eye on trying to get more support from other bikers preferably. I don’t know how possible that is, of course, as I haven’t been involved from the start. Perhaps some people will never agree. And I can accept that too.

By the way, I heard something suggesting Westminster might be looking to allow motorcycles in all their bus lanes soon.!/CrossrdsRider/status/74146770166349825

Which sounds like good news for all.

Any chance you guys can keep this topic to your forum as it’s clear it goes down like a lead ballon on this one

Well put Shiver:)

To be fair, I’m just listing a motorcycle event in the events section of a motorcycle forum I am a member of. :slight_smile:

What 1 Hello post and then straight into NTBPF stuff ?

Would it be at all possible to discuss this further, I seriously think I’m interested and a healthy debate without the rude obscenities could be a good idea.

Lets talk, talking is good.:wink:

To be perfectly honest, I joined up and said hello but the all out abuse in the NTBPT thread (something eles I was interested in) kinda made me less likely to press submit in future.


I only started riding in December 2009, so it’s been a rapid learning curve.

That’s fair enough fella