The Long Way Round - M25 Run

Hey folks. Well, I know I’m probably going to get slammed for this, but anyway… there may be some who are interested.

The No To Bike Parking Tax group are holding a re-run of last years M25 run on 25 June 2011.

I think it was hoped this would be a celebratory ride, but of course the appeal court had its say on that, so it’s more of a ride to promote the campaign.

This isn’t an attempt to block the M25 or congest it, as far as I’m aware, as I know this has been raised as a concern before. In terms of disruption, I can’t see it being any different to any other event on public roads.

Anyway. All the details are in the links below the image:


i think tdj has booked the day off work that day :slight_smile:

Sorry, [email protected] off

I think it is a good idea, but would love to know what grounds you are taking the case to Europe on?

Thats some ride out, 6 hours on the M25. A tank of fuel and wear to the bike.

If its ok with you i will pass

I thought motorways come under power from ODPM so not classed as a public road, think this gives the police powers to halt it in its tracks but I could be wrong. good luck with it anyways, it may give boris something to think on.

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More people who need to get a fecking life. :slight_smile:


ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I thought this pointless waste of fuel had got the message. Oh if Im on the M25 on the 25th GET OUT THE WAY n let people get on with there journeys!

What a complete waste of time. What part of the M25 runs through W.C.C.?
You are going the right way to get bikers thrown out of bus lanes with your Trafalgar Square fiasco’s.
You are only hurting the community you say you are representing!
Well you certainly do not represent me or my friends.
All you are doing is getting us bikers a real bad name, SHAME ON YOU.
You lost the court case, you lost the appeal, and now you have a leader who seems to have lost the plot.

I’m in i’ve always wanted to ride around the M25 :slight_smile:

i am lost for words on this

I’d rather suck rancid fish oil outta my pie hole than hang around all day on the M25. Not like it’s gonna be empty anyway.

How about a group of us try to do it as fast as possible…:smiley:

can you have a banner letting people know you dont stand for all bikers/motorcyclists?

i dont wanna be put in the same catagory as you lot, you wanna piss people off dont do it in my name.

do you realise a lot of lorry/van drivers are also bikers etc so you really aint proving anything.

aint there a bunch of guys who do it at night at high speed?

I did 25% of it in one go and was bored mindless I’ll never do it again let alone the whole damn thing

Good luck with the campaign.

Shame so many bikers on here are so anti the campaign.

Apathy rules ok :w00t:

We all support your campaign mate but blocking up the M25 is not the way forward and it certainly wont help to get other road users on your side.

+1. Look at the strike action by people such as BA cabin crew, train and tube drivers etc. Disrupting other peoples lives will win you no friends, just public scorn.

i think the only way to support the campaign is to stop paying that bloody charge.i approve of the campaign but going around the m25 wont help (especially tyre/petrolwise :D), sorry.